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  1. shorty619_13

    What mod???

    how do you like the r cam compared to the x??
  2. shorty619_13

    smog pump removal on Ca model X

    ya i put one on mine as soon as i bought it, it was made by white bros.
  3. shorty619_13

    Oppinons on 06' 250x Exhaust

    Will the power bomb header fit on a *RF250X sin*e I noti*ed that FMF only makes a Header that is s*pposidly for the R
  4. shorty619_13

    CR125 or crf250x

    I own both 2000 cr 125 and a crf250x and the 125 is quicker off the line but the 250 will catch it quick and st tear it apart but the 125 does have more pep and e 250 just over al power so it's on you love both bikes