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  1. I want to run a 35 watt headlamp on my 05/TC250. Anybody out there done this? Will the charging system keep up, or leave me with a dead battery during a trail ride? Any first hand input will be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. BCDBR

    Installing headlight

    Wiring diagram does not show a spare lead, and I did not find one under the tank, or anywhere else.
  3. BCDBR

    Installing headlight

    I have an 05/TC250 and I would like to install a headlight for trail safety reasons. Does anybody reading this have any advise as to wiring in the light. I thought I would splice into the red wire coming fom the voltage regulator, then into a switch. Any other suggestions? Also, because the voltage regulator is mounted at the front of the steering stem, it can interfere with the back of the headlight case, at least on the UFO firefly light I tried. I don't want to move the regulator, Is there a light unit that will work, other than the TE unit? Does the TE250 have the regulator mounted in the same spot? Thanks for your help in advance. Brent.
  4. I use my 05/TC250 mainly for off-road riding, single track and logging roads. I would like to gear it up to bring down the revs in top gear when cruising down the roads. The stock sprockets are 14/50. If went to a 15/50 would first gear still be useful in the tight stuff? Or if I went to a 14/48, would that be a better choice? I realize this is just a compromise, and that the close ratio trans. is designed for track use. Any insights will be helpful. Thanks.
  5. BCDBR

    Selling 05 TC250 Price Question

    Sorry, can't help you with your price question, but I'm curious why you went to the KX250F. Do you just ride MX, or do you off-road as well? Did you install the kickstart system? If not do you want to sell it? Enjoy your new ride!
  6. I'm about to setup an 05/TC250 for woods riding and I would like to install the TE headlight and sidestand. Anybody out there have either or both of those items for sale? Please send me a PM if you do. Thanks in advance.