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    *Attention YZ400 owners!*

    yes i have a yz 250 94 and a yz 400 99 . i love the bottem pwer from the 400. i like the turn from the 250 i bougth the 400 for 1650 euro. dutch sandrider
  2. i had always the same thing befor windsurfing on the sea whith hard winds and big waves when i was standing on the beach and saw those big waves i rather went back home to my mammy and for the toilet offcorse. even now when its a windy day i get the same feeling in my stomach back mx seems bether for me because befor racing i am much more relax. I think it is because mx is more predictable and the bumps are standing still and the waves not yzf400 yz 250 92 kawa kx 87 honda cr 500 83 montesa h7 montesa cappra