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  1. gbabe1536

    Visiting VA - Need somebody to ride with

    We plan on heading back Saturday, so unfortunately I dont think it will work. What is Taskers like?
  2. gbabe1536

    Visiting VA - Need somebody to ride with

    To give an idea of my skill level, I have rode most of the single track and Hatfield Mccoy (Buffalo Mountain and Rockhouse). This is the closest area that I have rode to VA that come of you guess may have rode. Ride a 450 exc. Please somebody save me from bordum on this trip.
  3. I will be in the Virginia visiting family August 10-13. I will be in Triangle, VA. Looking to ride (trails) on Friday the 12th but want somebody to ride with for safety reasons. Anybody interested? I was thinking of riding Taskers Gap or Motocove. I have no idea if these are good riding areas but they are the closest trail systems to where I will be (looked on Where to Ride here on TT).
  4. We are considering a trip to Buffulo Mountain next month. Just wondering how technical the single track is and how it compares to Rockhouse. We have been to Rockhouse and rode all of the single track except 197. We rode all of them both way except 199, which we rode down (dont know if we could make it going up). 199 was not all that enjoyable, but we loved 188 and 130. We also liked and rode most of the black, black and red and blue trails. Knowing what we have done and what we like at rockhouse, would buffalo mountain be a good place for us to go. What single track would be good. What should we avoid. (Dont wanna get stuck between two hills that I cant make it up). Anything we should know before heading there. Thanks
  5. gbabe1536

    Perry 11/10 Saturday

    How muddy was it on thursday? We are heading down tommorrow morning and neither of us had the energy to change our tires today. I imagine it dried up alot since thursday but I was just wondering what it was like.
  6. gbabe1536

    Kentucky Lake Cumberland Vacation

    We are planning on going to lake cumberland for vacation (we will be staying down by the dam-state dock) We are hoping to bring our bikes if some riding areas are close. I looked in Where2Ride but I was hoping for some input from the locals in the Kentucky/Ten. area that may know of the best places for us to go. I know there are places that many locals know about that are usually not posted on there. Thanks for your help.
  7. gbabe1536

    Scotts Steering Stabilizer

    I ride trails...no motocross. Would having scotts switch it over be worth the $$
  8. gbabe1536

    Scotts Steering Stabilizer

  9. I just bought a bike that has a Scotts's Steering Stabilizer stamped with an R. I know that this is the road version. My question is, what is the difference between the road version vs. the off road version. What are the performance effects?
  10. I just bought an 05 450 exc (Time to put the xr to rest). The gentleman said that the battery was just dead. Well I bought it, charged the battery and the electric start does not work. It sounds twice as loud as it should be but doesnt seem like it turns the motor over. It will start in a kick or two using the kick start. Where should I begin. I have to repair manual to go by.
  11. gbabe1536

    Aftermarket carb advice??

    Three xr's in the family. One has an edelbrock and one has a mikuni. Both bikes are set-up the same except for the carbs. (416, hotcam, white brothers exhuast, twin air filter) I would say perfomance wise, they are pretty close to the same. The eldelbrock is easier to tune, but the edelbrock according to some has a realiability issue (never had an issue though).
  12. gbabe1536

    XR400 Big Bore Kits

    I figured I would make one more additional comment to my first one. My brother has an xr400 as well. He has a 416 with same compression piston, same hotcam. Everything down the the oil, gas, and air filter is the same. The only difference is he has a piece of junk suppertrap (imo) with a stock carb. Putting this next to the 416 that I described in my earlier post is night and day difference. Dont get me wrong, his is a signifigant improvement over stock but no comparison to the 416 that I described ealier (and they both have fresh top ends). Hope this helps those looking to spend some money on their ol' girl (suspension is very important and cheap improvement but that is another story and thread)
  13. gbabe1536

    XR400 Big Bore Kits

    Ok...I will bite since nobody else did. I dont have experience with the 435 but I do have experience with a 440 and a 416. I will tell you what I think of the 440. Take it for what it is. Since I went from a 400 to a 416 first, I will start of with the 416 and make it to the 440. The 416 (10.5:1) had an eldelbrock, white brothers exhaust (I believe E2), hotcam and twin air filter. I was amazed with this setup. Keeping the same setup, went to a 440 (10.5:1) and running the same high test gas. Very, very disappointed. Not much improvement over the 416. Having said this, here comes the money part. I would personally go with a 416 over the 435 or 440 for a couple reasons. 1) A couple may disagree, but anything over a 416 should be re-sleeved for realiablilty purposed (i.e. 425 or bigger). 2) The bigger big bores also need re-studded with larger studs. 3) I remember dale from here saying he liked his 416 better than his 425. Some of what I said may get people going but all I know is I had both with the exact same setup and no signifigant improvement and going back I would have no spent the money on the 440. Spend the money you save on getter a cheaper 416 kit, save on not having it need to be re-sleeved, and save on not putting larger studs in and put it towards suspension or a pumper carb. Take it for what it is.
  14. gbabe1536

    Scott Stabilzer

    If anybody is looking to sell one, pm me.
  15. gbabe1536

    Scott Stabilzer

    I have had the front forks sprung to my weight and riding style. I think I will keep the 7/8 bars for now so I dont have to convert everything. When you say, "piece together a rear mount", do you mean fabricate your own as in they dont make a rear mount? I could have a buddy machine/fabricate a rear mount if this is the case, but i would need guidance as how to go about designing it.