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  1. Hey guys, Finally getting my dirtbike ('05 YZ250F) shipped out here from Vegas, but I don't know anyone out here that rides. I'm in the Dallas, TX area. Any recommendations for good places to ride (preferably trail / non-track), or any people looking to pick up another person to ride with?
  2. LinxuS

    learning to ride on a yz250f?

    I personally think youd probably be ok.. although the bike does have a lot of power... just dont get a yz450f for your first bike like one of my friends lmao Just take it really easy for the first while.. because when you do gas it the power will definately be there lol
  3. LinxuS

    problems with yama-lube "R"

    I'm having like this same exact problem, but I can't figure out why.. I recently changed the oil about 10 hours of riding ago, which was my first oil change. I have a yz250f 2005 and have maybe a total of 20 hours on it.. Washed the bike today after riding it pretty hard, go to start it up and take it for a quick spin and my clutch was grabbing.. so i couldnt get it going without doing a rolling start... my clutch is grabbing too, but ive had a few other runs with this same oil and ive never had this problem, do you think it could still be the problem? Also I don't use yala-lube "R", just regular yama-lube..?