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  1. doggatas

    Waiting for my '08 EXC450

    so you guys in the USA havent got the 08 enduro range yet? I picked up my 450 yesterday! I cant believe us Aussies have something before the yanks... trust me guys it will be worth the wait....
  2. doggatas

    Endurofying RMZ450

    Hi I want to set up my RMZ 450 for woods riding!! Mods i want to do are: Trail Tech Speedo Headlight Rear Fender Brake light Hand Guards Gearing? Ok My main to questions are: How do i go about connecting a headlight? what do i need? do i need a battery? or can i run it off the motor? Anyone has done something similar could you show me some pictures and give me some good advice on how to go about the mods i have mentioned! I should also mention i already have a WC Skid Plate and some WC radiator Braces(c\ petcock relocation) Cheers Doggatas
  3. doggatas

    rattling noise in motor while idling rm 450 06

    Yep same, Pull the clutch in equals less noise. Mines been like it since new, I just listen out for new noises none so far which is good. I do have to replace the seal on the drive shaft though and the two o-rings, parts are on the way!!! Anyone got a link to post on how to replace the seal? or is it pretty straight forward?
  4. doggatas

    Running in Oil ?

    I have heard that too, Where the fully synthetic oil does its job too well and you would have to run the bike in over a longer period to allow the ring('s) to bed correctly. Not sure tho as im not a mechanic, ask the place where you bought the bike from.
  5. doggatas

    Warning stickers on fenders??

    Definately pressure washer, I didnt mean to blast mine off, thats how i found out!!
  6. doggatas

    I finally got one

    Nice bike you wont be dissapointed. Yeh some more pic of the hottie would be good : )
  7. doggatas

    SX Las Vagas

    Hi Im in Aus and i would love to be able watch the final of the Supercross live just like you blokes will be able to. I've probably watched a little over half of the rounds thanks to torrents and im really into it. 1st season if taken notice. I think its great that it has come right down to the last round for the title. Being Australian im going for Reed, but i want him to win this round with a victory that doesnt included RC and bubba crashing out. How quick do u think the torrent for vagas will be up?
  8. doggatas

    Bike Shop Job Related question

    Best thing to do would be to call the shop up and ask to speak to someone about the job you are applying for!! Introduce yourself properly, e.g Hi its Joe Blow calling and im just enquiring about the bike builders position you have advertised. Then just ask all the question you want answers to, except maybe the pay(ask that if they offer you the job). This way the bike shop knows your really interested in the position, and that itself is a tick against your name?
  9. If you ride hard, doesnt matter what discpline of motorcycle racing/riding you are doing it should be a workout. Even car racing is quite strenuous, driving normally around the streets is easy, shouldnt raise a sweat. Go hammering around a race track for 5+ laps and u'll be wiping some sweat off your brow! An A grade rider putting around at the same speed as a C grade rider would not burn the same amount of calories as the c grade rider, as the c grader is going at 100%, Basically what i am try to say is that it doesnt matter what level of rider you are, if your riding at 100% it will be a workout.
  10. doggatas

    New Bike how to USD Forks

    hi Suzuki make a Supermotard version of the DRZ400, This version of the bike already has the Up-side down forks derived from an RM250 Go to the dealer and ask them about it, im getting one shortly
  11. doggatas

    05 Rmz 450

    What does the 06 pipe do for power of the bike?
  12. doggatas

    05 Rmz 450

    Got a great deal on the 05 so i got it. Ive just had it for a month now, have put 8 Hrs on it and loving it. Coming off my RM250 this thing pulls like a tractor, Handels like its on rails. I ride trails only and the 4 speed is super. A lot easier to ride, dont have to rev the ring out of it to get going its awesome. Traction, traction, traction!!! Also i think its pretty light compared to my mates yzf450. Feels more manouverable than the 250 too. Wont be riding the RM again. So easy to lift the front up when you need to(doesnt matter what gear your in). Will be getting new o-ring chain and renthal sprockets shortly have also just orded a works connection skid plate and engine guards. Have uploaded a few pics, Plan on getting a Makita graphics kit for it in the future... http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f241/doggatas/Picture001.jpg http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f241/doggatas/05RMZ4505.jpg http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f241/doggatas/05RMZ4504.jpg http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f241/doggatas/05RMZ4501.jpg