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  1. ONE FAST 450

    water in oil from crankcase moisture.

    Their are two seals on the impeller shaft. If your going to replace anything in their you might as well replace both seals not just one.
  2. ONE FAST 450

    Pump gas or race gas

    I'v used them all, and the people eating my dust tell me the race gas smells better!!
  3. I had the same thing happen, and i thought it was a bad battery but the strange thing was it only did that when it was very cold out. (winter in kansas) I did nothing, same battery, moved to vegas and never did that to me again.
  4. ONE FAST 450

    Help! '06 WR450 Bogging problem

    loosen both sides of the carb boot's, rotate bottom of carb out, remove round nut at bottom, use sort of a small flat head screw and remove pilot jet (skinny long one not short fat one) use carb cleaner straw and spray the s**t out of the jet, use air compressor and spray the s**t out of the jet again, hold jet up to light and if you see small pinholes on the sides and in the middle your good to go.
  5. ONE FAST 450

    Help! '06 WR450 Bogging problem

    Try removing the jets and clean them out with carb cleaner and compressed air. If it ran good before it will run good again, dont start changing things. the holes in the jets are small and get gummed up if they sit for to long.
  6. ONE FAST 450

    First oil change, what did i do wrong.

    your bike is a dry sump, after the motor warms up it stays in the frame. dip stick is on the top of where the oil is and the drain plug is on the bottom in the front. if you did not pull that one then it sounds like you have to much oil after the change. the oil filter will only go in the correct way.
  7. ONE FAST 450

    Skid plate

    I have a 2005 wr450, after having the the big gytr skid plate off for repairs I forgot where the two spacers go? 4 bolts, 2 spacers, one thicker than the first. Lets say the bolts are at 12, 3, 6, and 9 oclock. Anybody know?
  8. ONE FAST 450

    WR450F Water pump leak

    got it 10-4
  9. ONE FAST 450

    WR450F Water pump leak

    im glad to have found this post my 05 wr just started to leek out of that little hole on the bottom side of the water pump, if its like milkey coolent (oil and coolent mixed togeter) should i be woried? or just replace both seals and refill both oil and coolent? (of corse check shaft and impeler for wear as well)
  10. ONE FAST 450

    WR 450 valve clearance

    I'm just amazed I bought this bike brand new and the valves are still in spec. (just barely)
  11. ONE FAST 450

    WR 450 valve clearance

    about 1500-1700 miles, med. to hard miles, lots of sand, lots and lots of oil changes all with filter
  12. ONE FAST 450

    WR 450 valve clearance

    I have an 05 wr 450, this is the first time that I have checked the valves since I bought it new. Specs for intake are .0039 to .0059 in. actual is .004on all three , specs for exhaust are .0079 to .0098 in. actual is .008 on both, this is within specs but only by one ten thousandth of an in. do I adjust pads accordingly or wait a little longer untill out of spec???