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  1. today... new correct plug (old one looked good but was an off brand) cleaned and re-oiled the filter started with air mix screw at 1 turn and idle screw at previous position (evidenced by discolaration mark) then backed out air mix screw 1/4 turn at a time until i could get it to start cold with choke only. then adjusted idle screw to 1000rpm with non-choked running engine. whet for 5 mile ride and all was well...but it happend at 18 miles last time....so i'll just keep it close to home until i make sure it is not still happening. thanks your comments.. it helped. tr
  2. screw is out 1 3/4 turns not sure what you mean by "seated" it is collar, then holder ( threads are showing but it was like that on the old part) then main jet. all part are per deal part number, will clean and oil filter. but why intermitent?, I just went out and after sitting all night it starts fine... NOW this may be a clue... it cold starts without the choke... thanks for all your help
  3. OK team, check this out! History: just rebuilt carb on '96 klr650 (all rubber and main jet / needle jest.. not pilot)because bike sat with gas in tank/carb Symptoms: starts up and runs fine cold, then alternates from way high idle (3000rpm) to stalling when throttle is decreased (ie. in "N" or even when down shifting) adjusting idle down seems to make it stall even easier. This is the weird part the first time (1st ride) it happened was at night after less that 2 miles.(choke off, but still a bit cold right) the second time (2nd ride) it happened was mid-day after running great for 18 miles of mildly aggressive on/off road riding. and if this matters.. when it's in a 3000rpm idle and you brake and release the clutch (bog down) then pull clutch again... it will SOMETIMES solw the idle down for a moment then stall. after such an episode bike will only start with a 1/4 TURN OF THE THROTTLE no choke. The really wierd part... let is sit an hour or so, choke it and it starts and runs fine!!!!?????!!!! so i got an adjsutment problem right, any ideas where to start? thanks all todd
  4. thanks.. for the input.... so last night i give up and the (%(^%ing thing after haveing the carb in and out 3 times.. cleaning checking and cleaning again.... then after dinner i walk out, announce.."it's gonna start now" and the bastard fires up!!! hard as hell and running rough but it starts and levels out so that i can take off the choke. I get all excited... turn it off to check the tightness of the clamps on the carb and put the seat on...get my helmet and triumphantly hit the start button. NOTHING! tried 3 times today...nothing. &%$#@!? i've cleaned the carb...several times.. backed out the screw on the bottom at bit, new gas...but still nothing. i will get all new lines and plug...and this time soak the carb.... have just been using spray carb clnr and comp. air. is there a choke adjustment procedure on these??... as i said i got it started but with much difficulty and had to really crank the choke lever. why do you think it started and ran then 10 minutes later won't start again???? still carb gunk!!! anyway,thanks again to all. tr
  5. got it off. carb is all clean.. fuel getting into bowl... still won't start. spark good. all hope is lost.
  6. took the carb off, was a 4 out of 10 on the varnished and nasty scale.... cleaned it all out except.... the black fitting/ fuel intake from the tank is blocked solid... blowing/sucking/squirting/cussing.... good news: problem identified bad news: fitting won't come out... not sure how its held in.. dont' want to pull the *$*%out of it an break it.... anyone had that off before? thanks tr
  7. o.k. i can't get fuel into the bowl...cloged some where. if i could it should start for a minute at least.. even with a clog in the fuel intake system,right? so can i open the top and pour gas in past the diaphragm to fill the bowl.. or will this just flood the thing to the begezzus and add to my misery? if not, i pull the carb right? thanks again. anyone know about the Ca. "black box"???
  8. ok, i sucked... it no flow. valve is fine.. with supply line unhooked and vacum line sucked, fuel flows... with supply line hooked to valve nothing.. it's like sucking on a coke bottle.. creates vacum and leaves a mark on your tounge.. but nothing else (w/ drain open and closed) soooo, does that mean remove and flush all fuel lines.. then move to taking the carb off and... i know the drill?? ( last resort, an old war injury left me a little shaky in the hands) also, the black canaster opposite the muffler(i'm in ca.) has a fanork/metal tube comming off the front(pointing to the fnt tire) it has nothing hooked up to it.. is that some sort of air intake for the cat. convt. or i'm i missing something. why is the bowl not filling up???? thanks guys. todd
  9. other than the totally displeasing nature to that procedure (on many levels) i'm on it!!
  10. no "prime" that i can find.. if it is susposed to be on the petcock.. i don't have one... while searching another site i saw this "Other vacuum petcocks I have had over the years have a "prime" setting which effectively makes them manual, I wish the KLR had that feature." am i looking in the right place???.. or can i simulate this by just gravitly feeding fuel into the supply line??? no filter... i drained the float bowl and nasty smelling gas came out.. replace fuel in tank with good fresh fuel... should the bowl fill up again while trying to start it??? it does not!! unless that's a normal vacum thing.. it seems wrong! thanks for everything
  11. ok, it doesn't look like it was a bad gas thing... i switched gas added seafoam and checked the main supply line to the carb (not clogged). i DO have spark... the plug look clean and not oily and i can get it to start and then die right away if i prime the carb. ( i am removing the black cap with the spring, and pouring a little gas in there) it fires up, smokes A LOT and dies, like it ran out of gas.??? any ideas. thanks tr
  12. oram - i was thinking about that (vacum) i've mostly been around either newer FI bikes or 70's hondas..... are you sure i should'nt get fuel??? and if so ... what could be up.. batt. new and the bike tries to turn over but seems not be be getting gas???? chris in va - wow!!! i can't get anyone to answer the flipp'n phone for $35 in Ca. any and all expertise is welcome, thanks for the replys.
  13. Hey all... i'm new to the forum, it looks great! My Dad just gave me is 96' KLR. not but 4000 miles on it and in good shape. EXCEPT, he just parked it in storage at least a year ago... no stabilizer, did not drain gas, no trickle charger...nada! I pulled the supply line from the petcock, turned it ON and reserve.... fuel in tank no fuel comming out of petcock. Now stop that... he is my Dad! It was one of those,, oh yeah i gotta go do that... and never did. So. Anybody got a "easy" way to deal with this... other than pulling the carb and all the lines and soaking and cleaning every part! Maybe run some 50/50 high octane fuel and carb cleaner directly into the carb supply line????? ANYWAY, I would truly appreaciate some ideas. thanks tr