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  1. I love riding dunes, just my street bike helmet, hiking boots and gloves and I'm good to go!
  2. Fixing the plug right could end up needing new cases.
  3. Gotta take at least 5 minutes!
  4. 57 here. 02CR250. Rode 38 times last year. Single track mtns and sand dunes. I never crash, just enjoy man and machine.
  5. Washington

    It was a beautiful day!
  6. I ride a 02 CR250 with about a million miles on it with zero problems. It's stock expect for a pc pipe and v-force reeds. I burn a tank of gas a week. I wish honda would fire up the 07 assembly line for a couple weeks so I could get a new one.
  7. Stock, properly maintained muffler is hard to beat
  8. Stock levers with barkbusters. Works great, never bent a lever I just had to cut the ball off the end.
  9. 56 and ride a 02CR250. Trails etc Ride 50 times a year too
  10. a 2016 Honda CR300R that weighs 199lbs. It could be built
  11. 1) CASH or GTFO 2) meet the guy at the local bank to exchange the cash and the title, they have security 3) moneyorders can be forged and can take 2 weeks to find out they're fradualant.
  12. I always put a few drops of oil on my adjuster bolts every few months. Prevention is a good cure Yes, alum and steel don't play well together
  13. And consider that a bike has a rider, and if the bike is say, 20lbs heavier, does that combined weight minimize the effect? 250 lb bike + 200 lb rider versus a 230lb ls bike + 200lb rider 430 / 450 = 4.5% difference seems minimal
  14. no painting the motor.