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  1. eric bush

    Turning a CR250 into a woods bike

    Thanks to everyone that responded. You have given me a clear paicture of what is needed. I soooo enjoy the access to the "already been there, done that" this forum give me. Saves a lot of trial and error. Thanks ALL!
  2. I'm looking at buying a very clean 1999 CR 250. It s stock other than the procircut pipe. What suggestions do you have to make this a great woods bike. I want more low and mid end, bark busters and what else? I'm on a budget too.
  3. eric bush

    Used Cannondale 2002 440e, Good Idea Or Bad?

    After a little more discussion with the seller, it turns out the bike has an 01 motor in it. He claims that is the motor with the good crank. Any ideas if he is right? By the way, the cannondaler web site was a big help. Thanks.
  4. I am considering buying a used 2002 440E. Has 1500 miles on it. Looks good, was cared for. What are the downsides to this bike? Do they outweigh the upsides?