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  1. honfoxracer9

    Summit Indoors.?

    The Summit County Fairgrounds in Ohio.. heres the website for directions.. http://www.summitfair.com/
  2. honfoxracer9

    97 cr125 seat

    thanks guys... the seat is fine It just needs new foam and recovered.. I have the cover for it... I could buy a cheap complete seat off of ebay or I called a guy today and he sed he would put the foam in and re-staple it for $30..That sounds pretty reasonable to me...sound like a good deal? or just keep waiting for one on ebay?
  3. honfoxracer9

    Summit Indoors.?

    Is anybody racing at Summit indoors Jan. 13-15 or Feb.24-26???
  4. honfoxracer9

    97 cr125 seat

    I have a 97 cr 125. I want to buya seat on ebay, but there are no 97 seats..Is there any other year I could use?