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  1. chuck1340

    Rowher Flats

    So does anyone have news on when this will open up again?
  2. chuck1340

    won't idle

    Thanks. Thats was everyone around my places same suggestion, pluged up port or jett in the idle circuit. As for drab91, i'm asking for an honest answer from folks you might know and you got to be a smart ass and make wise cracks. If it was valves it would do it all the time not at idle only. It's ok not to know the answer but why do ou got to be a jerk and make smart ass remarks when a fellow biker needs a little help.
  3. chuck1340

    won't idle

    it's got one hundred miles on it. they should be fine. i'm braking it in fine. i've done maintance on time, etc... I know how to work on bikes.
  4. chuck1340

    won't idle

    Ok, i went riding today started my bike and once warmed up it won't idle. I let it warm up, i even rode it for a few hours but whenever i'd put the choke in it would die. at high speed it ran fine. without the choke, at idle, i had to really play with it to keep idling. I haven't done any new work to it or changed anything since my last ride (about 3 months ago). Any suggestions?
  5. Anyone know of a good place to stay in san felipe mex.? Either a campground or hotel, i stayed once at Eldorado Campground but i've since heard they have gotten more popular and are now getting strict and trying to appeal to the tourist crowd. It used to be the wild west down there...good times...
  6. chuck1340

    Rowher, may 21st???

    Any one going out this sunday am for a quick one?
  7. chuck1340

    What city in Calif do you live in? 4 ride hook up

    Burbank, been riding street bikes forever, getting back into dirt bikes.
  8. Ok this is a little off the subject for this group but you guys are by far one of the best bike forums i've belonged to. So here goes... I need some close up pictures of a detachable harley windshield mounting hardware. I am trying to mount one on a fatboy and i just can't get the hardware installed right. It's an easy enough job but i think the windshield my friend gave me is supposed to be used with the driving lights (side lamps). I don't have them. But if i can just see how it's supposed to go together i'm sure i can custom build or rigg something to make it work. Some of you have got to have harleys out there...
  9. chuck1340

    lowering seat height???

    Find a really good suspension guy near you and have it done right. I had my forks and shock dismantled and lowered and reassembled, this way the sag is still set right and your suspension is custom made for you. It's expensive, i spent $700 but i'm really really happy with it. I'm not a great rider or anything but it's nice to have the bike handle well. I'm 5'3", 155lbs.
  10. chuck1340

    rowher flats, sat 02/18

    i went to rowher last sunday for a few hours by myself and it was a blast! I forgot how much fun those trails were. I didn't go on anything to crazy but there was a few that challenged me. It's just fun to get back out there. Not sure when i'll go again. Maybe this weekend but not sure yet (family/business may prevail)
  11. chuck1340

    rowher flats, sat 02/18

    Thanks Old man. I'm not usually available during the week. i work regular business hours. Cal city is always fun i go there a lot but this sat i have something to do in the morning so i won't be free until about 10:30. Thats why i was thinking of trying rowher, it's so close. I know it's not as fun or spread out but it's local and a bad day riding is better then a good day inside watching tv.
  12. chuck1340

    rowher flats, sat 02/18

    snowboardstylee - I have a crf 250x. I live in burbank. Old-man - I would go sunday but i have family plans this sunday so sat. is my only chance this weekend. If it's raining i probably won't go but since when can the weatherman predict the weather...
  13. chuck1340

    rowher flats, sat 02/18

    Anyone riding at Rowher Flats this sat? I'm just getting back into dirt bikes after about 20 yrs. Last time i rode at Rowher it was called Texas Canyon. Just looking for short ride, nothing to hairball. chuck
  14. chuck1340

    not starting

    never mind... it was the idle screw, i accidentally turned it when i was messing with the carb. I got it started by push starting it with the choke on and then messed with the idle. runs great!
  15. chuck1340

    not starting

    Ok...i just rejetted, drilled out the exhaust diffuser, and cut open the airbox. I got it all back together and it started right up. Then after a few seconds (30 seconds maybe) it died. Now it won't start up again. Any idea's?