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  1. I installed a devol lowering link on my XR400 during the week. Adjusted the fork heights in the clamps to the fourth ring down, Reset the sag to 25mm which gave me a race sag of 185mm softened compression on the clickers front and back. I have just got back from an 85km ride with half of those km single track and I could not have been happier. The bike handles great and with the slightly less ride height felt like I had heaps more control, being able to plant both feet firmly on the ground and not standing on tippy toes when you stop or having to kick start after a stall makes life much easier and enjoyable. For anyone struggling with the XR ride height I recommend installing a lowering link but make sure you adjust your sag measurements otherwise you are wasting your time.
  2. I am installing a devol lowering link on my XR4 as I just need that little bit extra to be able to start the bike with out looking for a brick, rock or small bump to get my left foot on while I kick start the bike. Any help or tips on how much I need to lower the front forks in the clamps so I dont upset the handling too much.
  3. I think I will measure the current track length ie front to back axle and try to set the same track length by lowering or raising the forks after the link installation
  4. Rayza

    xr400 carb frustration

    Why sell it take it to a bike mechanic you may learn something will be only something simple if you have done all that you have said and checked what has been said here
  5. I have been tossing up whether to buy a pumper for my XR4. The Mikuni pumper for the XR4 is a TM36. On the internet they are available from about $150 to over $400. To fit on the XR400 do you need any adaptors on the inlet and outlet and can you use the same throttle cables?
  6. When I bought my XR4 new, I was adviced to run mineral oil for the first 1000km then swap over to synthetic by two different bike shops, buggered if I know why.
  7. As what Creeky said another tip if you can when you remove the 3 phillips head screws holding the bowl replace them with allen head screws makes it alot easier and quicker to get the bowl off with a ball headed allen key
  8. Rayza

    jets for an xr400r 1999

    I was having trouble starting my 05 Xr4 I just put a 60 pilot and 162 main in and now it is a dream to start provided you go through the same routine from cold start. Hot start is one kick always. If the bikes been dropped kick it a few times with the decompressor on and kill switch off. then on with switch one swift from TDC and away you go.
  9. OK gents solved my problem. instead of believing the honda bike shop advice i pulled the bowl of the carby and rejetted from a 55 pilot to a 60 pilot. Also put in a 162 main tweaked the idle just a bit and now it starts much easier. been able to get it first kick twice from 2 cold starts. (kick through 3 - 4 times then find TDC centre push through to first bump and then wham big kick and it starts. hhhaaaapppppeeee
  10. I have an 04 XR4 that is a bitch to start. I run 98 octane fuel, have just changed the plug. set idle amd mixture on the carbie as per manual and even done valve clearances. Basically the only thing I havent done is changed jetting. I run standard jetting for sea level according to my local dealer. Would changing the jetting help it starting and if so what size is recommended?
  11. Rayza

    Carb help

    Try 60 pilot and 160 main. I was contemplating splashing out on a mikuni pumper(big $) but after changing to new jetting ($9)and with minor tweaking of mixture and idle I am very happy. The customary low speed bogging has goooone.
  12. Rayza

    XR400 Tire recommendation?

    I run the D952s front and back on my XR4 and they have been great. Great in the bush but wear a little if riding on blacktop
  13. Once the bike ishas been started and warmed up it starts first kick nearly every time its just initial start up
  14. 98octane is available at most service(gas) stations here in Australia
  15. Just got back from a ride and have decided I need to something about the dead spot in my standard carby so I will fit a mikuni pumper carby. I am in Australia and know I can get one from the USA for about $400. How hard are they to fit up. Do I need do any mods to fit one?
  16. Just got back from a ride and have decided I need to something about the dead spot in my standard carry so I will fit a mikuni pumped carby. I am in Australia and know I can get one from the USA for about $400. How hard are they to fit up. Do I need do any mods to fit one?
  17. Rayza

    Good gearing for xr4

    I run 15/45 most of the time but If I am going somewhere I know is hilly I just change down to a 14 front. This way I dont have to adjust the chain to much just take up the slack on the adjusters. If you put a 51 on the rear you may need to add a few links to your chain
  18. Yeh here in OZ we have a product called a bum tank which is mounted on the back fender. It is good for about 5 ltres. Do an a search in Google.com.au you will get a some hits about it.
  19. Does anybody know if a honda 400 ex edelbrock carb will fit onto the XR400? I have the oportunity to get one at half price but do not want to get it if it aint going to fit. Any help would be very appreciated:excuseme:
  20. Thanks that would be good if you can post some images of the carb on the bike
  21. Rayza

    Wide footpegs for the XR 250L

    check out ebay and do international search there are some in England with postage ti states abot 30 bucks
  22. Rayza

    XR400 Starting Procedure?

    Its a must to kick from TDC. Another thing that I have found to work well. If I plan not to ride for more than 2 weeks is to turn the fuel off and let the bike idle till out of fuel. Then in 2 weeks or more time when I need to go for a ride,turn the fuel on, give the throttle 3 quick turns, full chock,tdc then a full kick and bingo it goes if not first kick then always on the second.
  23. Rayza

    jets and sag

    The only way to adjust rear sag is by tightening the adjuster rings ontop of your spring. Aim for a staic sag of around 30mm. Then get help sit on the bike with all the gear you normally ride with and check race sag. This should be between 80 - 105mm. Because XR,s have a shorter suspension travel than most dirt bikes aim for the lower side. You should not have more than 10mm preload on your spring i.e if you have to screw your spring down more than 10mm you need a bigger spring. There are heaps og info on the net just do a search for xr suspension setup.
  24. Rayza

    xr400 gearing

    Here in the land of OZ where XR400,s are road registable the standard gearing out of the shop was 15/40. 40 tooth rear sprokets are stock purchaseable parts from Hionda dealers:thumbsup:
  25. Rayza

    2004 - XR400R - Service requirements

    that would depend on when the last major service was done. Check valve clearances, compression test, new spark plug etc etc. check the service manual if you do a search you will find a manual to download. Hint ( search this site)