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  1. kawirider225

    lets see those 50s and 110s

    yea mee too..
  2. kawirider225

    KLX 110 Tranny

    get a shop manual for the bike and use that and do it your self
  3. kawirider225

    KLX110 Adj Needle

    yea i think you take out the stock one im not sure how.
  4. kawirider225

    Global Moto Outlet Sucks

    do they have a site
  5. kawirider225

    Which new 250 2 stroke to BUY??????

    ok you want good handleing good power. i herd ktms have bad handling. i saw the rm250 or yz250 also the kx250 looks awsome for 07
  6. kawirider225

    i need some pics

    i think i got it its supposed to be a kawi thing.
  7. kawirider225

    NEW 150's

    i saw them in the racer x magazine i think or one of those
  8. kawirider225

    i need some pics

    hey josh how do i change my avatar. and do you go on aim anymore
  9. kawirider225

    red bull graphics

    on pm i herd J made some ktm graphics
  10. kawirider225

    Qward video

    well ive never seen it so post it
  11. kawirider225

    My first race...

    next time ride with a camelback duh
  12. kawirider225

    valve seat problems

    ok thanks.. so whats wrong with using an 05 head and valves
  13. kawirider225

    Yoshi exhaust on YZ250F

    there you go. thats what its called. i had a freind that had a 2003 yz250f and he had a yoshi exhuast on it.sounded good i didnt think it was loud but maybe for the regulations here it might be loud now. but i say get the yoshi