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  1. chinesespaceman

    WR400 Cam Sprockets

    Hi Guys, Following from my queries regarding cam timing I have checked the tensioner and seems to be okay. It's not overly strong, but returns quickly and smoothly. The chain wasn't sitting neatly on the sprockets, so I figured to replace it anyway and inspect the crank sprocket and cam sprockets. Not go to the crank sprocket yet as need to make a tool to hold the flywheel, but take a look at the wear on the teeth:cry: I take it that this is heavy wear and not normal. http://i132.photobucket.com/albums/q28/chinesespaceman/sprocket2.jpg So what are my options. If I want minimum downtime, do I reassemble with new chain, adjusting the valve clearances whilst I am in there and order some new cams? Assuming the cams need replacing, what are the best? Are the hotcams good alternative to OEM? Cheers Gavin
  2. chinesespaceman

    YZ Cam Timing

    Okay, here are the pics of the cam wheels when the crank is aligned at TDC. The shot showing the timing mark on the inlet cam sprocket is taken from a higher angle, as the dot is actually below the face of the cylinder head . So from these, can anyone suggest why the inlet sprocket does not align when the crank is at TDC? Could it be the sprocket has slipped on the camshaft? Or is it more likely problem with tensioner or chain? Thanks Gavin
  3. chinesespaceman

    YZ Cam Timing

    Thanks guys, I'm certain it is YZ timing, just concerned that the inlet cam TDC mark is slightly below the joint face when crank at TDC, ie the inlet timing is retarded. Is this a big issue or fairly normal? I will check the tensioner tomorrow. The chain does not seem overly taught between the cam sprockets, I wonder if the tensioner is a bit lazy, or if the chain might be stretched. If antone knows how I can post photos this would make clear Cheers GAvin
  4. chinesespaceman

    YZ Cam Timing

    Hi Dan, Thanks for responding............. I was led to believe the bike was 1999, but when I bought rear pads the '98 ones fitted, so guess probably 1998 Cheers Gavin
  5. chinesespaceman

    YZ Cam Timing

    Hi Guys, Just been in to check the valve clearances and found what I suspect to be YZ cam timing mod has been done. However, when I set the flywheel to TDC (with the lobes facing away from each other) the inlet cam mark is about 2mm below the cylinder head / cam cover joint face. Is this likely to cause a problem? I have attached some pics, one shot from a higher angle to show the dot on the inlet cam and one shot from level with the joint face, where the dot cannot be seen. There is 12 pins between the camshaft marks along the top chain run. The TDC mark I am using is nthe I mark which is about 10mm after the H mark on the flywheel so I believe to be the correct mark. The bike runs okay, but I use only for Enduro, mostly low and mid range work - will the bike be better if put back to standard WR timing for my riding? The bike has completely standard exhaust and airbox cover. I don't believe the UK buikes have the grey wire? Please advise. Anyway, I would appreciate your comments, and will leave the bike disassembled until I get some feedback. Cheers Gavin P.S. When I click to add picture it asks for a URL? How do I attach pictures please
  6. chinesespaceman

    99 WR400 Overhaul

    Hi Guys, I've done quite a few searches on this site and read many of the very informative posts. I have a '99 WR400 for which I don't know the service history. I have checked the valve clearances and all okay and inspected the clutch. The clutch has the holes drilled into the clutch hub to help distribute oil to the plates and all is in tidy condition, no notching of the basket tangs etc, no warped plates ( I have done about 20 hours enduro on the bike) so I presume someone has looked after it. From what I can determine the following would be worthwhile doing as a minimum during an overhaul: Piston Balance shaft key Pin Conrod Big End & Main Brgs Cam Chain I read that the later 426 rod is a worthwhile mod for reliability, is there an aftermarket piston that will fit my standard bore with the larger small end diameter? I might find that once I strip I find the bore worn, at that point might be worthwhile finding a good 426 barrel (or jug as many of you guys say) Can you recommend aftermarket parts such as Wiseco and similar for valve train components that are more reliable / better value than OEM Should I replace all of the valves at the same time if there is no sign of them stretching or other obvious damage? Collets / Springs / Caps / ? I would prefer to order everyting that I might need, then be able to finish the job in 1 go, rather then continually order more bits as required and have a prolonged downtime. Alternatively I strip the motor, inspect and measure and then place an order for everything. Your thoughts are appreciated, also any pointers of who can supply everything at competiotive prices (exhange rates make buying from the USA attractive at the moment) BTW - I'm not after more performance, but want to set a datum from where I can log hours and regularly maintain to keep a reliable machine Cheers Gavin
  7. chinesespaceman

    1999 WR400 Kick Start Compatibility

    Hi Guys, My kick start lever has a terminal crack at the base, where the steel boss fits. Does anyone know from which other models and years the kickstart will fit? Cheers GAvin
  8. chinesespaceman

    Lean Revving Motor

    Cheers, that sounds sensible enough to me and most people recommend about 2 1/2 turns out anyway. I was hesitant to touch mine, as every other mannerism of the carburation is perfect. Know what you mean about tight trails, since I am a newbie to enduros, which in our neck of the woods are mostly through narrow forest trails etc it's real hard work constantly feathering the clutch and using the back brake to keep the motor speed down 0 leads to early fatigue. Anyway I will try that for sure and let you know how I get on at the weekend Cheers Gavin
  9. chinesespaceman

    Lean Revving Motor

    Hi Guys, Been out and checked carburettor and can find no problems that I can relate to this problem. Jetting is as per the manual for this UK bike being used in the UK except Starter Jet is #85 (manual states #65). The manual states Pilot SCrew 1 1/4 turns out, which is what mine is at. The only thing I did find was that the foam air filter was sodden with water. I have never cleaned it :mad: But would this not be likely to stall the bike. I must state that the bike starts perfectly from either cold (with choke) or hot (without need for hot starter) and runs perfectly through the rev range. I guess in the absence of anything obvious I will replace the filter and try it out. P.S. The airbox cover is removed (hence water in airbox) is this safe or recommended, I see most people seem to remove this. Exhaust and everything else is std Cheers Gavin
  10. chinesespaceman

    Lean Revving Motor

    Hi Guys, I had experienced a high revving motor on my 1999 WR400 (UK Spec). I found a slightly cracked throttle valve and replaced, I believe quite common on these. I thought this would be it sorted, and it has been okay when taken for short runs. However today at an Enduro, when the bike got quite warm, the motor went back to revving quite highly. Have checked all of the obvious including the cables and their routing. Any pointers would be appreciated Cheers Gavin
  11. chinesespaceman

    WR400F Rear Wheel Fitment

    Hi Guys, Can anybody tell me what rear wheels are compatible for my 1999 WR400. There are a few available for sale on ebay etc, but from YZ450's and such like. I think I read that their was a change in 2001? YOur thoughts appreciated Cheers GAvin