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  1. giiil

    More '08 Stock Muffler ?'s

    Euro models are down on power as well. 08 and 09 yzs have 4-5 hp less power than kx or sxf 450.
  2. giiil

    wr 450 hp

    Hello, I am thinking about buying a 08 wr 450. I owned a yzf 426 and i am wondering how does a wr 450 (free mods done + yzf complete exhaust) compare with yzf 426 power wise? I am hopping to get 2 or 3 hp more out of the wr to compensate for the additional weight.
  3. giiil

    husky 570

    Just bought a 570 husqvarna, model 2004. It says in the manual that it has a mikuni tmr 41 carb but i can see that it is a dellorto carb. Here are my questions: - is there a big difference between dellorto and mikuni tmr - where can i get a mikuni tmr, - how big is the difference between mikuni tmr 41 and tm 40?