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  1. njredrider

    DR650 Changes Year-by-Year?

    I believe the base gasket was changed to metal sometime in 2003. My 2004 has the metal gasket. Wayne
  2. njredrider

    Short Clutch/Brake Levers

    I have MSR bark busters (guards) installed. The levers just barely fit with the wind deflectors installed but worked OK. The reason I need to shorten the levers is that the guards got smaked up during the Quarry Run last weekend and now they aren't fitting well. Wayne
  3. njredrider

    Short Clutch/Brake Levers

    Anyone know where to buy shorter than OEM clutch and brake levers that will fit a DR650? I'd rather not cut the balls off the stock levers. Thanks.
  4. njredrider

    Hey NJ DR Owners...

    Sounds great!!! Where are you guys located? I'm in Sussex County. Wayne
  5. njredrider

    1000 miles in 24 hours on a DR!

    Congratulations!!! That is an impressive feat. I wouldn't consider it on my DR. My butt hurts thinking about it. Wayne
  6. njredrider

    DR 650 windshield????

    I recently added a gray tint MRA Streetshield to my '04. It looks OEM and works great. Easy to install . Check out the link below. http://www.twistedthrottle.com/trade/productview/936/394/
  7. njredrider

    slipstreamer wind srceen

    Hey Mike (stinkyhelmet), I have the shortest screen (streetshield). The chrome 2 point universal mount MRA.HA works fine. Great fit/finish. Wayne
  8. njredrider

    slipstreamer wind srceen

    Hi TT66, I have the shield shown here in gray: http://www.twistedthrottle.com/trade/productview/936/394/ It fits the bike great and looks OEM. It is adjustable ... makes a nice quiet pocket with no head shake. Hope this helps.
  9. njredrider

    insurance cost?

    Full coverage from State Farm on an '04 in New Jesey - $320. Be safe.