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    TT-R250 too much for total newb?

    Get a used TTR250. The TTR230 is not enough bike for you. I have both, a TTR250 for me, aTTR250 for my 15 yr Son, and a TTR230 for my 13 yr Daughter. The 230 is poorly made and I wish I had not bought it! Spokes loosened immediately due to small diameter, plastic breaks too easily, and suspension is to soft for my aggressive riding daughter - I just bought her a KTM200EXC. Now my son wants a KTM200EXC - SO I have a TTR250 and a TTR230 for sale. The 230 is almost repaired now, it only had 4 rides on it.(new handlebars w/barkbusters, retrued wheels, new plastic&decals on tank, rejetted, cleaned&polished) The TTR 250's are very durable, which I need as I am 6'8" and 350 pounds.