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  1. I'm 6'0, 240. I had a CR250 that I sprung for my weight, no valving. When it came time for service, I had them "re-valved" as well. The difference was night and day. I'm not sure if the same will apply your set-up, given the size and bike differences. Seems though, that the fork was designed for a certain size rider, valving included. I would get the valving done if I were you. The MXA guys are notorious for their egocentric outlooks.
  2. Yikes man! If you don't mind, how'd that happen? Either way, glad you're on the mend.
  3. http://store.avlube.com/mob1mx2cycmo1.html You can still get the M1-2t stuff. HP2 is darn good too.
  4. I think he talking about me...lol. It's orange, but works great.
  5. Man that's a shame. I was looking forward to seeing a few "Bubba scrubs".
  6. Yup, a cortisone shot!
  7. The race was awesome. But IMO, "out of control" is a perfect way to describe TP.
  8. The GOAT came out on top again! Glad to see JS walk from that crash....MAN! And if Reed had to take the needle tonight....that separation must be pretty serious. I wonder if he'll take the needle next week too. Given that fact that RC has him covered...it may not be worth the risk. Only CR can decide that though.
  9. Definitely a great bunch of guys in the club!! Starting with TurboAndy! Heed his advise though. BE EARLY if you want to be sure to get in the club. Last year a few guys camped out overnight. DO IT. DO IT.