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  1. tbowns900

    Dealership Question

    BMWATL - you are correct, i contacted Cagiva late last year to discuss a dealership here in KS and they said thanks but no thanks.
  2. tbowns900

    You ride a husky? What's your profession?

    IT/Operations manager... working in the telco industry right now. Ride an '05 TC250 on the dirt and a '00 Duc 900SS on the street. Great thread!
  3. tbowns900

    front sprocket guard...

    Thanks guys. I sent Motosportz an email to see what they have.
  4. tbowns900

    front sprocket guard...

    anyone know of an aftermarket? the stock on my '05 TC250 catches way too much debris. sorry if this is a repeat, but i searched for an hour before posting w/no luck. thanks, t
  5. tbowns900

    Rear wheel spacer size

    fyi... both the '04 and '05's have 5/8 in spacers on each side. in '06 they changed the right/brake side to 7/8 in.
  6. tbowns900

    Rear wheel spacer size

    I ordered a new set of spacers from Hall's... for my '05 TC250. They sent me a 5/8 inch (wide) for the sprocket side and 7/8 inch for the brake side. There's no way I could get both spacers in, so i had to use one of the old 5/8. Anyone know why I may have gotten the 2 different sizes? Should I be able to fit that 7/8 and I just need to try to work it in? Thanks.
  7. tbowns900

    LTR or ACE?

    we'll have to compare notes after we both get some saddle time with the new setup.
  8. tbowns900

    LTR or ACE?

    cool... i'll let you know how they work at the local track in the next couple weeks.
  9. tbowns900

    LTR or ACE?

    I spend about half my time riding hare scrambles/trail riding and the other half at the track. I know... two completely different types/styles of riding. I mentioned that to Harvey and he didn't ask me which way I would prefer to have it setup. I'm assuming he'll try to find a happy medium. Anything would be an improvement over the stock setup. The only time I could get the stock setup working well for me was in Colorado riding rocky, open terrain at higher speeds. While I was out there, I also rode at Thunder Valley and thought I was going to break my wrists coming off some of the bigger stuff. The arm pump was unbelievable. As soon as I get them back and get some hours on them, I'll post some feedback. Going back to CO for the AMA race in June.... just spectating of course. Will log plenty of hours between now and then.
  10. tbowns900

    LTR or ACE?

    Thanks guys. I sent them to ACE last week and should have them back this week. Now it would be nice if we could get some riding weather here in the midwest. Appreciate the feedback. T
  11. tbowns900

    Husky Sprockets.

    I just got the Moose 52T from Halls last week. They have Moose, JT, Sproc Specs and stock... steel, aluminum and some bi-metals. Their new online ordering is pretty slic to.
  12. tbowns900

    LTR or ACE?

    Getting ready to send my forks in on my '05 TC250. Considering both LTR and ACE. I've read nothing but great things about both. It seems the ACE rebuild might be a bit more comprehensive? Other than location, is there any reason to chose one of these shops over the other? Thanks!
  13. tbowns900

    Butt Pads

    http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/2/6/11/1813/ITEM/SixSixOne-Padded-Shorts-Pants-Liner.aspx here's a link for the shorts. i know you can't tell from the link but there are hip and tailbone pads. the hip pads are removable. also a gel-pad in the monkey butt area to keep you more comfy. i hope this helps. gluck. tbowns
  14. tbowns900

    Butt Pads

    makes awesome riding trunks with hip, tailbone and monkeybutt pads... i luv em. rode about 10 hours in two days last weekend and my hiney is finey:applause:
  15. tbowns900

    2005 Tc250

    my local place quoted me $150 to add the kicker. gluck.