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  1. hate2crash

    yzf400 questions

    if its not the timing chain, you may need to put a piston in it, I just put a piston in my 99 and had to have the cylinder recoated because there was too much clearance between the cylinder walls and piston. just a thaught.
  2. hate2crash

    *Attention YZ400 owners!*

    the oil filter is on the waterpump side of the engine above the water pump, one allen head bolt, 2 - 5/16 hex head bolts its also kind of behind the exhaust header pipe, you can loosen the pipe and move it out of the way enough to get the bolt out, I've always ran silkoline 15w 50 synthetic oil changed about every eight hours. hope this helps.
  3. hate2crash

    Considering a 1998 YZF400, thoughts?

    I have a 99 and I think the biggest difference is the suspension, these bikes are bullet proof, and once you learn how to start them the arent bad, they are kind of heavy but I race mine in tccra and dont have much of a problem, if he plans on racing it in off road, I would recomend putting a fly wheel weight on it or he may have a stalling problem, I put a 10 ounce on mine and problem solved, very reliable bikes and fun to ride.
  4. hate2crash

    *Attention YZ400 owners!*

    I bought myy 99yz 400 the end of 04 and got it for $1500 which I am learning is a steal, I had the suspension done and put a 10 ounce fly wheel weight on it and then rode the hell out of it, I race it in tccra,the bike makes plenty of power to still be competitive, I change the oil about every 8 hours, I use silkoline synthetic 15w 50, the bike is virtually bullet proof, what kind of specs are you looking for?
  5. hate2crash


    that has got to be something sticking on your comp. release, you could buy a hotcam with an auto decomp. on it (about $160) and you wont have to worry with your decomp. lever any more, as for ther top end, it is simple, just make sure you have the clearance on your piston to cylinder checked, I just did the top end on my 99 and had to have the cylinder recoated.