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    TTR125LE Starting Problems

    Im on my dads thing and he has a 01 xr400 and im 12 and i just got a brand new 06 ttr125l and my brother is 14 and he has a 02 ttr125l and he hasent had very many problems with his my old bike "1990 xr80 fouled plugs like crazy:( every time i went to ride it i had to put a new plug in it but mine and my brothers ttr125l's havent had any problems other then we just now had to change my brothers spark plug for the first tim ever!!! and i dont know why people are sayin they cant start theirs i can always start mine or my brothers bike!!! im only 12 so im not a pro at bikes but i dont think there bad bikes at all i love my new 125l 06 so???