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  1. Got the MRI results.... "possible" acl tear. Nothing regarding the meniscus even though the dr said it was likely torn, gues it's not? Haven't sat down with the dr to go through the results yet.
  2. Thanks. Any basic exercises I can get started with?
  3. agree with that, definitely why I will send the MRI results his way. I've got a PPO plan so I should be pretty flexible in choosing the Dr. Now just need to know how to take of this thing until I've got the next steps lined out.
  4. I called them back after I left the office and asked if someone else could review the MRI and they had me leave a message with his assistant. Hopefully someone else in the office can review the results. In the meantime, just want to make sure I'm not making the meniscus injury worse, I don't think I can really do much more to the acl...
  5. Dr Mark, I posted a couple times about my acl / meniscus injury in a couple other threads and I've got another question. I injured my knee about a month ago and have been fooling around with first going to my family doctor (waste of time) and then I was finally seen by a ortho dr last week. He ordered an MRI, which I had done yesterday. Now he's gone on vacation for a few weeks and I'm still walking around on this knee. So far no one has said anything about immobilizing it and I have pretty good pain on the outside of my knee and it feels very unstable. Do I need a brace or something for this to heal and what should I be doing (or not doing) until my next appointment in a few weeks? By the way, I am planning on sending you my MRI information for your opinion as well once I have it.
  6. How can you strengthen the knee before the surgery? Wouldn't you cause more ligament damage. I got the official news that I tore my acl and meniscus (sp?) last week and was told I should protect my knee for now.
  7. Agree that's the best choice, except the last time I hurt my wrist the nurse practitioner asked what my opinion was I can walk and put weight on it ok, it only hurts when I extend my leg fully. Could be some fluid in there, which has happened to my other knee.
  8. Well I injured my left knee this weekend, I caught a tree root on a trail and twisted it back. I felt my knee cap pop and it hurt pretty good. Now I've got a bit of swelling around my knee cap and the ligament behind my knee hurts as well. Did I sprain my knee or something worse? Wanting to know because I've got a big trip planned next weekend and want to know if I should reschedule.
  9. Thanks for the link Ned
  10. nedirtbikr, Where did you get the graphics for the white plastics? They look great and it's the look i'm going for with mine. Just picked this up yesterday, ready to customize to my taste....
  11. And these are good for the '05 model too? Website says 03-04. I'm definitely thinking about giving it a try.
  12. Thanks for the feedback. I've gotten used to the bike wanting to stand up in corners, when I first got the bike I went off the track because I wasn't ready for it. Since then the problem has been more with ruts, it really wants to climb up out of them and it wears me out after a while. I'm sure my suspension could be configured better, unfortunately I am no expert on the subject and can only try the basics. I'll have to try adjusting the sag some more, the forks are currently raised to the second line in the clamps. Thinking hard about the '08 YZ or CRF, we'll see. Was hoping for a relatively cheap fix for this year.
  13. I'm thinking about going to some 22.5 offset triple clamps to improve the turning on my '05 450 along with adding a scotts stabilizer. Is it worth doing to clamps and will I see real improvement in turning? I'm currently running my sag at 100mm and I think this may be a step in the right direction.
  14. Thanks, I'll check into that.
  15. Well I smashed in my left side radiator on my 03 WR 450 and I thought it was OK until I noticed the smallest amount of seepage at the top. So who has the best price out there for a new one?