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  1. manley1111

    New Bridgestone Tires!

    Has anyone tried out the new bridgestone M403/404 tires yet? Heard good things about them and wanted to hear from you guys. I am running the stock dunlop 756 rear and 739 front on the 2006 crf450 right now.
  2. manley1111

    2006 crf450r fork change

    thanks for the help guys now that i know it is easy just the first time is always harder.
  3. manley1111

    2006 crf450r fork change

    yeah I already did that but i thought there was oil in the "inner chamber" too, or the damper whatever it is called.
  4. manley1111

    2006 crf450r fork change

    I'm having trouble getting the compression clicker screw out it back's out then feels like it hits a stop, do I just keep turning to get it out? Thats what i have to do to get the inner chamber fork oil out right?
  5. manley1111

    2006 crf450r fork change

    Hey guys I was just wondering, I need to change my fork oil in my bike just wondering how to do it? Do I just un screw the top cap and let the oil drain or is there another chamber I have to drain once i get the top cap off? Thanks for any help. Also how much oil do you recommend putting in? I'm 210lbs.
  6. manley1111

    What O ring or X ring chain won't rub case?

    Man if you bought that rk x ring chain just put you CS sprocket on the normal way and it won't rub! That what i did i've got like 15hrs on the chain now and it is perfect. Are you guys from the make work program?
  7. manley1111

    What O ring or X ring chain won't rub case?

    I have used an RK 520 XSO chain with no rubbing problems. Seriously, check it out a very strong chain for a great price competes with much more exspensive chains. hope this helps
  8. manley1111

    Off a tooth on Cam sprocket?

    I can guarantee you that your cam is off one tooth, exact same thing happened to me hard to start, way harder to kick then took engine cover off and it was off 1 tooth, i found it doesn't really line up with the mark i found one way was below the mark and one way was a very little above the mark, the way i found worked was when the cam gear was just a pinch above the mark on the engine, ran perfect after i moved it one tooth! hope this helps.