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  1. Ive personally applied the mathmatical equation of "rules of half" I ride my wife half as much as I ride my bike. She seems ok with that
  2. there is free porn on the internet????
  3. Hey dhbb05, Yama450YFZ,BadBird69 and shrubitup....don't know if "yall" are just a little light in your loafers or if "yall" are a full fledge sword swaller or fudge packer since "yall" are not into a almost naked female on a quad so maybe "yall" need to start "Who's Got The Best Looking Boyfriend On A Quad?!" Even though I am not into guys I promise to be a man and show "yall" more respect than you give others. Racegun "yall" 5 times in one response.... classic Would your promise to "yall" showing more respect, include calling these members Light in the loafers, sword swaller (nice spelin) and fudge packer ??? Thats some respect!!!! wow classic
  4. jeff cook

    Not aloud to ride ever again.

    Im confused what is "aloud"?? I think your parents might think your bike is to loud try a diiferent muffler perhaps......
  5. where is that looks familiar
  6. jeff cook

    bogging down 600 makes me sad

    Jon so the new plastics worked then???
  7. jeff cook

    bogging down 600 makes me sad

    try new plastics, preferrably 450x plastics jon
  8. quick question Are you there to ride or there to drink?? think drinking and riding dont mix
  9. Paint it red Put some Honda stickers on it (haha) and you should be fine to ride with the big dogs Rob
  10. jeff cook

    Who else is LOOKING FOR JEFF COOK?

    I hear he's still racing The reason no one has seen him lately is he's obviously still way out front of the pack!!!!!
  11. jeff cook

    Pickn Up My Crf450x Today!

    He picked it up at Arkport cycles His dad said 5k they have another new leftover 05 as well sorry no pictures of aunt Tina or the neices for that matter
  12. jeff cook

    Pickn Up My Crf450x Today!

    Jordan just spoke with your dad you might be in after all!!!! (lucky dog) 3 facts I did not tell you about the 450x when you rode mine that you need to know FACT #1 The factory settings on the balance vortex generator are set way too low for your riding capabilities HAVE THE DEALER SET IT TO HIGH FACT #2 The 450X is a fast bike fast enough that the handle bars can explode at very high speed WRAP BARS WITH REINFORCED KEVLAR FACT #3 The 450X has the same effect as viagara If your not familiar with what im saying think about aunt Tina for a moment and youll get my drift Either way it is recommended that you consult a physician if you experience an erection lasting longer than four hrs. with this said DONT ride IT LONGER THAN 3 HRS AT ANY GIVEN TIME....THEN HIT THE COLD SHOWER seriously full qt tranny side is a must change the oil religuosly and dont blow your third bike up!! most of all, I told your dad you could handle this bike dont make your uncle a liar cant wait to ride with you!!!!!
  13. jeff cook

    Pickn Up My Crf450x Today!

    Jordy I just spoke with your dad, he has second thoughts on you getting a mans bike sorry about the bad news How come your not at school???
  14. jeff cook

    Need Major Help!!!!!!

    Jordan sounds like your screwed You forgot to mention in your question that you had a vibration (wooble) in your rear tire since i saw your bike on saturday, from what appeared to be a piss poor tire mount job. continued riding more that likely douched a bearing any other thoughts guys???
  15. jeff cook

    one armed racer

    are you thinking of Dave Jackson lives about 5 min from me last I saw him ride he was riding Honda If it is dave he is incredible as his young son Dave i thought was born with one arm, dont know him that well but awesome man