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  1. quin

    Shasta Damn Poker Run New Years Day

    According to Redding Yamaha the Shasta Dam poker run is postponed until January 15. Their number is 530-275-7300.
  2. quin

    Brakes boiling over

    I researched my problem a bit more and found out the following: Dot 5.1 brake fluid will resist slightly higher temperatures than Dot 4.0, however it absorbs more moisture and must be changed frequently. High temperature Dot 4.0 is almost as good, and costs much less, and doesn't require changing near as often. The solid disc rear rotor offers a larger area to absorb heat and works better in muddy conditions. Without holes drilled in the disc there is less dirt and mud getting between the pads and disc. I changed my brake fluid, refilling with Motul 600 Dot 4 and switched to a solid rear disc. Went riding yesterday, descending 4000' multiple times with the brakes preforming perfectly.
  3. quin

    Brakes boiling over

    On long steep downhills the rear brake on my '04 EXC 300 is boiling over. It's been recommended to me, to install a solid rear brake rotor disc and switch to DOT5 brake fluid. However, my owners manual says not to use DOT5. Has anyone else had this problem? Any other recommendations?