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  1. Well here it is: Next time this happens just tell that insecure leader of the ride that you are going and that is that. And if your husband pusses out and does not stick up for you then make sure he is behind you the hole ride and give him roost every chance you get. And ride harder than him and pall as many people as you can. Take that bike and cram it down there throats. And when you get back in camp just act like nothing bothered you And tell that husband of yours to man up and start sticking up for his family or he will be going to ikea for the next month on shopping Saturdays. I would never let someone talk to my wife like that family or not And if he was a jerk about it then I would not go with them and would ride with my wife And not go on another one of there outings. Just my point of view
  2. Big Heavy

    What 2006 450 should i buy?

    KTM Have your cake and eat it to Power on demand Good handling Did I mention power?
  3. Big Heavy

    KTM 450SX -VS- Honda CRF450R

    Let me start by saying that both of the bikes are better than you and I are capable of riding. The technology is so advanced at this time in the dirt bike world that you would do well on either one. Last Saturday I had the opportunity to ride a ktm and an Honda both 450’s. The experience that I had was as follows. The Honda had softer suspension no surprise the ktm suspension was stiff. The Honda in gears 1st was very short and second was ok after you got in the middle of it. The ktm had grunt in 1st and 2nd and every gear that I was in so from a power on demand standpoint the ktm was the better of the two. Handling was good from both bikes. The Honda with the softer suspension I would feel every little bump and the ktm being stiffer would skip across the hard bumps better then the Honda sticking on them. Cornering the ktm was better for me the Honda got too soft in the corner at speed. Trail riding the ktm track either depending on your taste and wallet. Again both good bikes.
  4. Well here is my two cents... Man I work hard for my money too and what you did was what I might have done also. The defective boot got fixed and then the other one failed. I would call the co and ask to speak with a costumer service rep and when you get no joy there, talk to the boss and don’t hang up until you get someone to replace the boots and comp you some stuff for the pain lots of pain and tell them that you are on a chat board and will tell (please tell) what boot it was so one of us don’t end up broken or worse someone’s kid. Remember there is always someone at the top that wants the company to have a good rep and will take care of you to get that. Good luck and btw had a incident with smith and Wesson that was same gun blew up in my hands and they didn’t want to replace it but to change me 700 $ for a new one I got on the phone and kept my stand and got a 686 44 mag for free and in 3 days with a letter apologizing for the incompetence of the under him and that a training letter would be sent out.