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  1. kxaddict

    Matterly Basin GP! - Pics!

    lol, Cheers, The Des Nations is going to certainly be immense. They have to knock the whole track down by the end of this week and re-build it for the MXDN! Few more pics...
  2. What an awesome day, this track is going to be sweet for the Des Nations in september. We camped there over night Saturday to get some good spots for viewing sunday, What an atmosphere cheering on the Brits. Everts won MX1 Philipaerts won MX2 Got loads of pics (copyright) The Streaker The Track The Action! Everts Tanel Leok The Lizzard, Coppins Everts Coppins Nunn Lueret Melotte Leok Again Tommy Searle Ramon Stribos & Leok The Pits Pourcel Searle Awesome day, The MXDN is going to be Fantastic!
  3. kxaddict

    post sum pics boys lets see em!

    My Beast...
  4. kxaddict

    Hand Cramping...no arm pump????

    Use your legs more, hold in with your knees and thighs, squeeze the bike with your legs on the rough stuff and keep your arms more relaxed. When your in the air take your arms off the bar and shake them etc...
  5. kxaddict

    Fastest way to get the fastest laps

    Push hard and you increase the chance of an injury, dont push it and you'll be dissapointed. Corners and whoops are the key, sometimes you've got to just do things, without thinking about it.
  6. kxaddict

    Cardio or Weights?

    Im 16 about 5'9 and weigh about 180 pounds. Im fairly well built, not fat but could do with loosing a little. Just got a gym membership to increase my stamina and endurance while racing at race pace, so i can last the whole moto. Which relates best to mx? cardio or weights? Also which type of exercises? Cheers, Josh
  7. kxaddict

    goon ridding please

  8. kxaddict

    Goon riding - Pics!

    Yep, Feel free to post up some of your own...
  9. Went out riding yesterday, few pics
  10. Awesome day of racing! track got pretty gnarly by the end of the day. Loads of pics, *Copyright* Tommy searle 8)
  11. kxaddict

    You guys have to see this!!!!

    You do that you sad pathetic dumbass, From reading the thread it seems to me that this dude is logging in under different usernames trying to confirm the pic is real, what a jackass, grow a pen1s Dumba$$
  12. kxaddict

    KXF clutch spring probs?

    I've got an 06 KXF250, not had any problems but i've just heard that the stock clutch springs are very weak and cause all sorts of problem for the motor. I've run the bike in with no problems and plan on taking it out to an actual track this friday (sand) also is this ok, I'll be taking it easy for the 1st few hours as its done no riding since its been run in (motor oil changed w/fresh filter) W/ the springs, is it worth getting some PC clutch springs as a replacement for the stock ones, Has anyone ridden an 06 for more than 10 hours with the stock springs in with no troubles? Thanks,