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  1. 450racer


    Post a picture. My cousin knows all Husky bikes
  2. 450racer

    2008 250x facelift!

    Nice looking ride! I just picked up a 2008 myself.
  3. 450racer

    Pidgeon Forge Area

    We are going down next weekend. I know you can pay money and take a tour on ATV's but just to open ride, I'm not sure! I'd sure like to know. We are staying just outside Pegion Forge so if we could haul our bikes down and get some riding in that would rock! Brian
  4. 450racer

    KORHS Banquet?

    YES, YES, YES, YES, AND YES! Can't wait!!!! Can't stand it any longer, let us know already!!!!!! Brian
  5. Ok, I have a 2004 trx 450R I have been having cooling problems. I've replaced everything and even upgraded some things. Now my problem is that my fan just barley turns when it is on. It is not hitting anything at all. I tried a brand new fan and it does the same thing. Anyone got any ideas???? Thanks, Brian
  6. 450racer

    Does anyone know if S-Tree in KY is open??

    That is really strange! They put up signs every year saying it is closed for the season but we all still go. I've never ever seen it closed down for any reason. I know they have been writing alot of tickets for no helmets and riding on the Gravel roads so be careful! Brian
  7. 450racer

    Can anyone tell me about Eagle Creek??

    Owners name is Jim Darlington. It has alot of everything to be honest. It has mud, hills, fast, tight, and a ton of single track! He has a members only side and then a side for everyone who pays to ride. It is $20 per person for the day. They have a MX Track as well but it isn't very good. Not alot of open sections, mostly woods. I ride a quad and I really like it! Some places are pretty rutted from the bikes but they have done a nice job this year with keeping up the trails. I would say it is well worth the $20 but then again I am only 30 miles away. Our family farm and eagle creek Park is separated by a fence. We watch them race from time to time. Brian
  8. 450racer

    I KILLED THE KORHS forum?? DIDN't mean too!!!

    The numbers were very low. I heard that some people got lost because the directions were confusing or something. Eitherway, not too many people made the trip. Thats too bad because it was awesome.
  9. 450racer

    KORHS Harescramble 10-14-07 Knott Co. KY

    Knott County was awesome. I had some issues with my 450 but I loved the track. By looking at the track from the truck it seemed that I could see 80% of the track. I WAS WRONG! The woods and creek sections were sweet. They could easily have a National at this place. Great race, great job, Brian
  10. 450racer

    I KILLED THE KORHS forum?? DIDN't mean too!!!

    The Ky Harescramble Series (D-10) will be a premier series very soon. I am a Quad rider and I love the tracks that the KORHS crew lays out. They do a great job. Sometimes the track is a bit Chewed up from the bikes and we break alot of stuff but life goes on. We fill our tanks and drive to every race KORHS puts on no matter where it is because we love it. I know of a guy from IN that drives 5hrs one way to race this series on a quad because it has National caliber tracks with Small Series racers. by the way, I like people to yell at me if they need by, I just find a nice place to get over and let em go. Mackmack, I'm sure you didn't mean anything bad about the comment you left but some people took it serious because of the words that followed it. Then after that was posted you came back and said something like, well the truth is the truth. That made it worse. I didn't post anything out of the way on KORHS Forum because I knew what was going to happen. I did however post some nice words on Quadzone about it. I think I said something lilke, why is it that dirt bike riders have the reputation of being a-holes. WHAT DO YOU THINK HAPPENED?????? I was posting that as a hit to my friends that ride Dirtbikes to mess with them. I think it may have pissed a few people off. I WAS JUST JOKING THOUGH! whats done is done and the race at Knott county went great. KORHS put on another awesome event! It was well worth my 6hour drive!