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  1. Honda

    Awesome, yeah, the rims are stock....I'll post some pics when I get them on. Thanks.
  2. Honda

    I got a set of used Kenda Bear Klaws that are 22x1200x9....will they fit the rear wheels on my 2001 TRX250EX?
  3. Just saw the "risk destroying wheel reply" it tough to do? I can just go to a Honda place, pick up 4-5 spokes and do it right?
  4. See my message above...4-5 broken spokes. My back tire started wobbling a little and I just started tightening spokes at random...I know there's a system, but I just wanted to ride.....but I noticed 4-5 broken spokes. So now I want to fix the busted spokes and true the wheel. But I wanted to do it next weekend, after I ride this weekend.
  5. Sorry, I'm an idiot.......4-5 broken spokes.
  6. My rear wheel has 4-5 spokes and definetly needs truing. Can I ride a little this weekend (nothing crazy - no jumps), or do I have to fix it before I can even get on the bike this weekend? Also, I was going to try and replace the spokes and true the wheel myself. Is is tough?