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  1. bostonxr100

    TRX250EX Rear Tire/Wheel Fitment

    Awesome, yeah, the rims are stock....I'll post some pics when I get them on. Thanks.
  2. bostonxr100

    Honda TRX250EX Rear Tire/Wheel Fitment

    I got a set of used Kenda Bear Klaws that are 22x1200x9....will they fit the rear wheels on my 2001 TRX250EX?
  3. bostonxr100

    Rear Wheel Truing

    Just saw the "risk destroying wheel reply"...is it tough to do? I can just go to a Honda place, pick up 4-5 spokes and do it right?
  4. bostonxr100

    Rear Wheel Truing

    See my message above...4-5 broken spokes. My back tire started wobbling a little and I just started tightening spokes at random...I know there's a system, but I just wanted to ride.....but I noticed 4-5 broken spokes. So now I want to fix the busted spokes and true the wheel. But I wanted to do it next weekend, after I ride this weekend.
  5. bostonxr100

    Rear Wheel Truing

    Sorry, I'm an idiot.......4-5 broken spokes.
  6. bostonxr100

    Rear Wheel Truing

    My rear wheel has 4-5 spokes and definetly needs truing. Can I ride a little this weekend (nothing crazy - no jumps), or do I have to fix it before I can even get on the bike this weekend? Also, I was going to try and replace the spokes and true the wheel myself. Is is tough?