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  1. Suzuki TM 400. I don't remember the year, only the crashes. It was an early 70's model. This thing was like trying to ride a 100 horsepower pogo stick.
  2. Just do like i did when i bought a new KDX 200 last year. When she gets home from work take her to the garage and say "Look what followed me home today" . She said what do you need another bike for, i said to ride and she just shrugged her shoulders, said ok, and went back in the house. Actually i have a very good wife, as long as we have the money she doesn't mind what i spend on my hobbies.
  3. I watched KR race a Champion framed Yamaha XS 650 in Champaign, IL when he was a junior. Back then the pro flat track classes were novice, junior and expert. Roberts was by far the fastest rider on the track that night. Champaign is a fast cushioned half mile and KR would drive into the turns wide open, back off briefly and back on the gas, it was an unbelievable show!
  4. DRcarp

    rc is a cheater

    CRodeo, But did you cheat to achieve perfection. I have honed the fine art of dumping for almost a half century and have come close several times but yet to achieve perfection. Kinda like my search for the perfect boob, never ending but the search goes on.
  5. DRcarp

    Anybody been to MMI?

    In some areas it is like my present job, LAN/WAN Admin, the degree gets your foot in the door but you will learn a LOT more on the job. I worked as a mechanic for about 10 (1972-1982) years working up to service mgr at a Suzuki shop. I don't know if it is different now but i found then i just could not make enough money so i had to move on. Working in a shop was the best job i have had except the lack of money.
  6. DRcarp

    AMA to investigate fuel issue

    Could this be an AMA smokescreen? What do you think of this scenario? AMA calls for an investigation. Who knows how long this will take, maybe into April. In the meantime RC has to show up in case it gets overturned, helping to pack the stands.
  7. I am getting back into it at the ripe age of 48 (49 in March). I rode dirt bikes every day from about 1969-1980. My brother and i raced flat track every weekend and rode hare scramble and enduros in the winter. After i quit i tried drag racing bikes but it just wasn't the same so i quit and just rode street bikes thinking i was too old for a dirt bike. Last summer i got the bug again (actually it never left) and came home one day with an 06 KDX 200, surprised the wife to put it mildly. Well, i figured out contrary to my families opinion i AM NOT too old and am having just as much fun as ever. Now i have joined a gym and have been working out all winter and am thinking about trying my hand at MX. So this summer i may shock the wife once again and bring home a KXF.
  8. Looking at your pics and reading the details i can say one thing certainly hope you can find the video.
  9. DRcarp


    I bought a 2001 Yamaha V-Star 1100. When i left the shop the first day i wondered if i made the right decision due to the riding position someone mentioned in a previous post. I went from an 1100 Suzuki to this. I got used to the riding position and it has turned out to be a very good bike. It has hauled my 220# butt and my much smaller wife on several long vacations extremely well and has been very dependable. It handles well for a cruiser, although Deal's Gap was not as much fun as it could have been on something else.
  10. He was on the two stroke. I read somewhere earlier in the week that he was going back to it because he couldn't get comfortable on the 450.
  11. Does anyone know who got into the fight going toward the tunnel? I caught the end of it when the track crew was seperating them. I saw someone get stuffed in the last turn and go down. The guy with me saw it and said one of the riders pinned the other ones bike against the wall under the track bridge, jumped off and started throwing punches. When i turned to look i just saw a couple of swings and everyone breaking it up. Also thought it was kinda cool to see Brown do well on a 2 stroke.
  12. JS cased the jump earlier in the race while fighting with CR. JS crashed in a turn right in front of our seats. It looked like he clipped a bale and just couldn't get the bike started. IT looked extremely fast until he tired. I am an RC fan but own a Yamaha and a Kawi so i really like all three of these guys. Yeah, maybe CR does not do the best interviews but he is still fast and fun to watch. I think this has been a great season so far and looks like it is only getting better. As far as the lites class, did some of thes guys just run the west coast races? I was looking forward to seeing some of the others like Short, Allessi etc.
  13. E - I have family coverage through my employer. We had a meeting last year to discuss my employer switching group carriers and i asked if they denied claims due to dangerous activities and was told no, i am covered no matter what i am doing. So, as mentioned before, this is something you need to verify with your carrier.
  14. I had been riding the trails on my TS-185 (yes it was that long ago). I had to ride about three blocks on the street to get from the trail to my house. I met the cop going down the street and saw him turn around to chase me. Well, i get the brainstorm to see how close i can stay to my house and lose him. I cut down a couple of alleys and yards pulled into my garage and sat under the proch watching him drive around looking for me for about thirty minutes. Lost him within a two block radius of my house. Another time we were riding down a dirt road, by this time i had graduated to an RM-125, and met a state cop. He turned around to chase us so we pinned it for about 40-50 yards where we turned onto our trail. We got into the hills about 1/8th mile and shut our bikes off. The cop was sitting out on the road with his loudspeaker telling us to come out now he had the area surrounded . We just kept going down the trail went a back way home and never saw him again. These stories could go on all night, between me, my brother and my riding buddies the local cops used to be in our driveway every other night but my dad always held up for us (honest officer it was not my boys) and we never actually got caught.