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  1. can someone explain the details of the "solvent test" to me? How does one perform one accurately? What type of solvent, etc. Thanks
  2. never done one on a DR650. One tip is to keep the throttle open while cranking. On the DR650 theres an automatic decompression feature that is active while cranking. This will result in numbers lower then what is traditionally seen on regular four stroke engines. Another tip is to add a few drops of oil into the spark plug hole after running the test a first time. If the numbers are higher after the oil is added the rings are worn.
  3. i didnt know that...i'll keep that in mind
  4. i'm fascinated by both mxrobs and msiddalingaiahs threads on FI conversion. Thanks for sharing all this wonderful knowledge and trail and error. What does Alpha-N blending mean? I gather its some sort algorithm one would include in the ECU code to help manipulate sensor data to get things running smoothly...although thats just a guess. Where does Alpha-N term derive from? Whats a good resource to read up on this?
  5. excellent work so far, seems like you really know your theory
  6. a lot of people complain about and upgrade the stock seat to more comfortable aftermarket options. This reportedly has major benefits for comfort on longer trips. Makes sense as the DR seat is pretty much a dirtbike seat. Aftermarket windscreens also help a great deal with highway comfort. Suspension upgrades may be in order if you weigh over 175 on stock suspension components. Some people install bar risers for increased handlebar height. Some people upgrade the front fender to a more stiffer aftermarket option. The stock fender DOES wobble a lot at highway speed. So a stiffer fender or some sort of fender brace would certainly help your cause. Are your wheels balanced? Are they trued? Spoke wheels need a little more TLC then your nice VFR alloy wheels. Balanced and trued wheels will definitely improve highway manners. One last thing...the DR will never handle as smoothly as your VFR.
  7. what stability issues are you having?
  8. +1 on the cheaper oil changed more frequently.
  9. question...why does the guy on the DR stick his leg out "motard style"...i mean...what advantage does this give? Seems silly on the street
  10. welcome to the DR club. I've got a 650 but the 350s are sweet. I learned to ride on a yamaha xt350. The bike looks cherry, good find! Sometimes I cant believe the crap people try to sell on CL...but as you've shown us...the deals are out there.
  11. awesome wheelie
  12. it also helps if you can keep the oil level at the upper line on the sight glass and no higher
  13. i just tell people that it means my bike has two cylinders
  14. bone stock with normal riding conditions 55mpg
  15. clever...i started doing the same thing a few months ago. Although I gave up after about 4 tries