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  1. I work closely with the lobbyist that represents the Washington State Motorsports Dealership Association and he would have mentioned it if he was working the issue.
  2. The machine is lightly used and Dave used his own money because it would not have been on the market long.
  3. tod701

    No title? Is it even required in WA?

    Although it is very rarely enforced, pursuant to RCW46.09.440 an ORV permit is legally required to operate an offroad vehicle in Washington State, even on private property. https://app.leg.wa.gov/RCW/default.aspx?cite=46.09.440 Another reason for kid’s bikes to not have titles is divorces. It is not uncommon for the parent that does not legally own the bike to sell it anyway.
  4. tod701

    New to Washington state

    If your vehicle has a valid ORV permit and ORV use is legal where you are at, no Discover Pass required. If you have a street plate then the pass is required. If you have both, no pass is required but the DNR may incorrectly cite you anyway.
  5. tod701

    DP Pass

    Has the DNR increased E&E staffing?
  6. tod701

    DP Pass

    Approximate annual revenue distribution Parks $41.3M WDFW $3.8M DNR $3.8M The revenue from pass sales goes into the recreation access pass account. Unfortunately that account is not a line item in the operating budget legislation so it is tough to dig up how much actually was allocated to each agency.
  7. tod701

    DP Pass

    The D-Pass has always been $30 plus whatever jacked up service fees the state can throw at it. See RCW79A.80.020 (2) https://app.leg.wa.gov/RCW/default.aspx?cite=79A.80.020
  8. tod701

    DP Pass

    Legally speaking, if your tow vehicle is dual registered with an ORV permit (WA does not have an OHV permit) and ORV use is legal where you at located, no D-pass is required.
  9. tod701

    What is it about Ohio

    It's not all flat...we have plenty of hills. Highest point in Ohio = about 1500 Lowest point in Ohio = about 500 Top to bottom of the state of Ohio is about 1000 feet I guess that would count as a hill if a trail connected the low point to the high point
  10. No gas tax or carbon tax legislation was passed this year, but it’ll be back in 2020.
  11. The Governor just signed it into law. ......and he likes my tie - LOL
  12. FOIA requests are for United States government. Washington State public records can be requested pursuant to RCW42.56
  13. Tim and I have talked. 509.991.529X We cannot afford his services.
  14. There is a way to fight it, but it will require legislative participants