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  1. For now, they good bigger fish to fry - income tax, carbon tax, toll roads, etc. As they work their way down the list they'll get to us too. We are just not at the top of the priority list yet.
  2. If I was a dealership I would be very hesitant to cut corners on the inspection due to liability exposure. If someone splats themselves out on a converted bike and the lawyers jump on board looking someone to blame not being able to demonstrate that the conversion inspection met the letter of the law would leave the dealership very exposed.
  3. They don't have to prove damages or quantify the issue. There are plenty of members of the Legislature that don't like dirt bikes or motorcyclists in general. Just look at them blocking the motorcycle sharing parking spot legislation this year and the slow speed lane sharing last year. If one of them gets spooled up over the concept that the non-WSP inspections are following the legal requirements it would not be difficult to garner support for revoking the law.
  4. The DOT marking is only a component level approval. It does not mean that as installed it meets the requirements of the law. It is the legal requirement of the inspecting entity to now how to find compliance. Not knowing how or not having the appropriate tools to find compliance are not a legally valid reasons to justify falsifying compliance documents.
  5. Problem is people are signing off on a form that says the bike complies with the law, not it's spirit.
  6. Because I would hate to see us losing the opportunity to plate our bikes because of repeated and blatant ignoring of the law. There are members of the Legislature that would love to grab that excuse and run with it.
  7. By standing 'x' feet away.
  8. The check list is just that, a check list. It does not define the specifics of the requirements. They do sign a statement that the bike complies with applicable State laws. If they sign off and do not verify that the bike complies with the requirements specified in RCW46.61.705(2) isn't that fraud pursuant RCW46.16A.435(3)(a)?
  9. While nobody likes a hall monitor, this is the deal we cut to get plates. We would have not gotten anywhere if we asserted that current laws that apply to all other motor vehicles were too "overly anal" for our liking.
  10. While in is not rocket surgery, it does take some effort to meet the legal requirements. Let’s take brakes for an example. It would be interesting to learn how to find compliance with RCW46.37.527, RCW46.37.528 and RCW46.37.529 in under five minutes.
  11. In 5 minutes I am guessing that they didn't actually check whether or not the brakes and lights actually complied with the law.
  12. Thank goodness that has not happened (and legally it should not). I deal with FAA stuff at work and would dread the added complexity of federal DoT drama.
  13. So F'ed up. The down side of this for the riders, if/when the DoL figures out this error they will cancel the WATV title for the bikes and the owners will have to start from scratch with untitled motorcycles. And if recent history is a clue, the DoL might not even tell them.
  14. TOTALLY WRONG Only WATV can get the green plate. RCW46.09.442 Nothing with two wheels can be a WATV. WATV is defined by RCW46.09.310(19)
  15. I apologize for coming off as snooty, that was not my intent. You are correct that there is not much we can do about out of state morons acting poorly. The point I was attempting to make was their actions do impact us because we have Legislators in our state making laws that directly impact us and some them do not easily differentiate between the actions of these morons and our sport. When we were working on the 2011 legislation that allows us to get street plates, videos like this were used against us and made things more difficult then they needed to be. So unfortunately, regardless of the lack of logic or reality of the situation, the morons do impact us even though they are thousands of miles away. Thank you for supporting the sport, riders like you are the backbone of the sport and I could not accomplish what I do without guys like you doing your part too.