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  1. OK thanks all the dealers around me are yard apes> they keep telling me a tt-r 250 does not exist!!!! I'm glad that these are the people that work on my bike
  2. no but i also have a 99 250> where do you find your parts because I'm having a hard time finding stuff???
  3. ok thanks
  4. ok im new in riding so i havnt got into all that yet so wish me luck as i learn!! is there a limit to what i whould cut the air box hole to??
  5. ok mines not too loud> but do you know what causes the noise??
  6. OK ya Ive taken that plug out defiantly sounds better!!!! if i open the air box will i have to change anything in the carb??
  7. good i didn't think it sounded really crucial, but thats good to know. thanks
  8. you just are goin to have to get used to it its like learning all over again.. you cant expect to be flying your first ride in the snow.. i fell alot and hard!!! it sucks the first few times but keep it up!
  9. i bought a 99' ttr 250 about 6 months ago. i just now went on the ttr 250.com web site and they tell when looking to buy this bike; "especially listen out for the dreaded bang when killing the motor". my bike dose have this bang but on that site i couldn't find where it said what it is or why it dose it. if anyone has more info on this i would appreciate it thanks!!
  10. thanks guys ill check all that today I'm not to sure how to do all that but it doesn't seem to hard... you mention opening the exhaust ?? can you explain ?? thanks
  11. ok ya ill have to look around for sumthing with closed ends thanks
  12. on my tt-r 250 the spring to hold the kick stand up keeps jarring off when I'm riding. i was wondering if anyone has found a solution to this problem... its happend many time and Ive been lucky to find it so far >>
  13. i have a 99 tt-r 250 and it starts and runs great but when i give it alot of throtle from a low rpm in 1st gear it will stall... it doesnt just happen when its cold, in the middle of my ride it still studders and stalls. anyone have any ideas to fix this prob... thanks