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  1. We used to get 30 mins coverage on tv every day, that was great. I'll be on their website this yr.
  2. "he only has one $9000 motorcycle. " Haha my poor ass rides an '07. !!!!!!!
  3. I've got a suomy mr. Jump in the mail, part of the reason I decided to go expensive was the lightweight factor ( for both safety and fatigue ) as well as the improved ventilation. As someone said earlier, one helmet might protect better against a foot peg or rock, while another would do a better job hitting the ground or a flat surface.
  4. Looks like a good time! haha looked like a few hairy lines through the trees!
  5. 75% left probably means you have 0% sharp edge on the knobs of your tire, which will make it nearly impossible to do. I just bought a Knobbyknife to "sharpen " up my rear since I don't have the cash for a new tire all the time. If the tire is packing up with mud, wheelspin may be your friend if it will clean out the tire. Momentum is definitely your friend, carry as much speed as you can and lean back to get the weight where you need it. I think a good starting point for pressure is 14#, on the terrain you described you might be able to go a few # lower than that. 12? maybe lower. depends what you weigh and if you're going to find that one rock that ll give you a pinch flat.
  6. Remember, this is alberta. Lots of guys get called to go to work out in the boonies and don't necessarily have access to internet. Lots of guys I've dealt with before are out in the bush most of the time and make a trip into civilization once in a while. Plenty of people out there simply don't have the decency to reply if they've lost interest in your item. Don't lose sleep over it. Good luck finding a buyer. IMO kijiji is the preferred classified in AB.
  7. We grew up "bump starting" everything. And when I say bump start I mean tie a rope to any other vehicle that moves, wrap the loose end around the upper fork leg a couple times and keep your hand on it so you can let go if needed. put that thing in second gear and let it turn over for a while. We used to start our old bikes in -30 and ride them when it was too cold for the snowmobiles to start. It works so good I hardly know anything else about getting a bike to start....
  8. Wow. That guy has some skills. Very fluid riding.
  9. Thanks! I'll take a look tomorrow .... damn night shifts.
  10. I got the dyna ring at the same time. Havent installed it yet. Yeah that one fitting with the plunger has 2 holes coming out the other side, but I'm not sure how to attach it up so that it takes a line from both the lever and the pedal. And what the heck is the other fitting? I should have taken a few other pics of it to show it better.
  11. Well I got a little excited on ebay and bought this LHRB kit, now I'm looking at the bike and I don't know what to do with the parts, or if they're even the right ones. Help please.
  12. Good info here. Subscribing.
  13. X2. Great trail! One of the best helmet cam vids I've seen.
  14. YES! Get some risers. The ones I had on my last 2 bikes moved the bars up and forward, which was fantastic. I left them on my '03 when I sold it cause the guy who bought it from me was 6'6"! There is about 3/4" of blocks under the bars on my new-to-me '07, so I'll try it for now and see. IIRC some tall guys like CR HIGH bend bars, and Pastrana FMX bars too I think. Some guys get Fastway LoBoy pegs too, and a tall seat foam would make things better as well, although I haven't got one yet.
  15. Wow nice work, subscribing.