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  1. cycleman41

    1996 klx250 problem

    I have a 1996 klx250 I am trying to rebuild.The bottom end was already together.I have the head and cylinder.Who ever owned it before had the cylinder bored out and I noticed that it had stroker 340 on the seat and fender,I'm not sure what that means.I decided to go to the original stock cylinder and piston. When I put it together I noticed that the piston hits the botom of the head and will not go any farther. With the original cylinder and larger piston there was no problem. I am hoping somebody can help me find out why the stock piston/cylinder doesn't seem to work? I looked at the larger piston and the stock piston and I compared the distance from the top ring to the top of the piston and the stock piston is much thicker.Could something else have been done to the bottom end? the reason I am going to the stock is because the larger piston(79.95mm) I cannot seem to find anywhere.any help sure would be appreciated.
  2. cycleman41

    1996 KLX250 Parts

    will that fit a 1996 KLX250?
  3. cycleman41

    1996 KLX250 Parts

    Does anyone know why it's so difficult to get aftermarket parts,piston,rings etc for 1996 KLX250. I am trying to piece back together this bike and now I have 3 cylinders and each one has a different bore,80mm,79mm and a 77.785MM. I am trying to avoid going to the dealer for a new cylinder.these 3 cylinders are good ,I just can't find any piston to go with them. Does any one have any suggestions before I trash this thing.thanks-joe
  4. Does anyone know where I can get an 80mm piston and rings. It's for a 1996 KLX250 ?THANKS
  5. I have a1996 KLX250R which the top end is in parts. I need to get a piston,which didn't come with the bike. The cylinder is going to need to be machined a little. How should I measure to determine the correct piston size? thanks
  6. cycleman41

    KLX250R piston size

    I have a 1996 KLX250R which basically came in parts.I want to redo the top end and I noticed that the cylinder has a small scratch in it,not very deep. Currently it was using a 79mm piston. If I hone it or machine it ,should I then go up to a 80mm piston? Cylinder is steel. I'm new to this and I want to do it right.thanks
  7. Looking For A Carb & Cylinder Maybe Some Others Parts Also.