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  1. hd1ydopn

    2006 CRF250 Transmisson

    I had this same thing happen to my sons 2006 during rebuild. Turns out one of the shifting forks had came out of its groove and went under the gear. It will go together this way. The trans will spin a couple of turns each way and lock up. Check the side with two forks, mine was the one closest to the sprocket.
  2. hd1ydopn

    Ron Hamp / Tuf Racing?

    Thanks for the reply Ron. I have a in the box 2007 crf250r head that I want ported, valves, springs and a cam for. Who would I send it to and who would be doing the work? I dont want just anbody working on my bikes. You have a great reputation and I love YOUR work.
  3. hd1ydopn

    Ron Hamp / Tuf Racing?

    Whats going on with Ron & Tuf? Phone #s on both Rons and Tuf sites dont work, nothing on Tuf site about Ron. Does Tuf have a shop? Are we going to be able to get motor/head work done? If so, who is going to turn the tools. I have nothing but great things to say about Ron and his work, but who is Tuf?
  4. hd1ydopn

    2007 crf250r crank seal

    I am trying to figure out the correct way to install the right hand side seal. It is a double lip seal that seams to have one lip that is stiffer than the other. I am assuming the stiffer side goes to the crank side but I am not sure. Any help would be great. I took the seal out about two weeks ago and I cant remember. Thank you.
  5. hd1ydopn

    Bad Water Pump Seal?

    You do not have to replace both seals. You can replace just the water pump seal behind the impeller. If you want to replace the oil seal behind the water pump you will have to remove the side cover, remove the water pump bearing and replace the seal. As the posts said earlier, the bearing may be bad and the shaft is able to wobble making the seal leak. Good luck! It is a do it yourself job.
  6. hd1ydopn

    R&D Power Bowl Adjustment Chart?

    I had the same issue. I found both the AP nozzle plugged and my leak jet adjustment screw broken. I cleaned the nozzle out and the bike runs good off idle now. I am still waiting on the new screw to show up so I can fine tune. Dean has been a god help.
  7. hd1ydopn

    Zipty Experience

    I sent you a PM. Thanks for the reply.
  8. hd1ydopn

    Zipty Experience

    I finally got the carb back, and I am sending it back next week. I installed the carb and the bike started up. I let it warm up and gave it some throttle. It works fine if you go slow but if you wick it fast it stalls. I adjusted the fuel screw and the adjustable leak jet with no change. I thought it may be my pilot jet size so I took the carb apart to see if maybe they had changed it. The jetting was the same as when I sent it. I did notice in the float bowl that there was the end of the adjustable leak jet, so I thought I would take the screw out and look at it. Well when I got the screw out the end of it was still stuck in the bowl. (broken). Well I am not sure what this was doing so I put the carb back together and hooked up the fuel. I found that I have no fuel being delivered from the ap when I wick the throttle. Needless to say I am not impressed. I will let you know what there reply is when I call them next week.
  9. hd1ydopn

    Zipty Experience

    When I do get it back, I hope it is done. I have seen some very good post on here about them and TM. If it is complete, I will let you know how it works, if it is not done, I will proubly try TM. I realy hope it is done and works as good as some people claim.
  10. hd1ydopn

    Zipty Experience

    Just thought you all should know. They have had my carb. for 3 weeks now. I have called them three times. The last two times (last week Tuesday and again today) they told me that it was going to be worked on today. I finally told them to send it back completed or not. I was told the delay was because of them switching to another bike brand and racing. I am very happy for them getting a new ride and wish them the best in their racing, but I would like to ride also, and I think 3 weeks is plenty of time.
  11. hd1ydopn

    Any Info On Xx Motocross In Al.

    We are coming down from MI. this weekend and are looking for info on xx motocross. has anybody rode there? Thanks.
  12. hd1ydopn

    Planning A Trip To Durhamtown 1-20-06

    We are from Michigan. 55-60 Deg. Sounds great to us. I was hoping to get some track/trail reports, Do you think going west is a better idea? I was thinking DP because I was told it was a fun place to ride.
  13. Any Info on Durhamtown would be great! I am planning a trip for four of us to be there 1-20 thru 1-22. There are two adults and two kids. I am thinking of renting one of there cabins for the three nights. I have been told it is a fun place to ride. ANY Info would be great THANKS.