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  1. mxhead

    kxf lights

    anyone know how to wire up an 06 kxf250 for lights?
  2. mxhead

    kx250f dirt on piston

    If it only takes 5 kicks too start, there is nothing wrong. that is carbon, not dirt. If it was dirt it would have grenaded already. ride the bike and quit fooling around with it.
  3. mxhead

    Rm 125 clutch - jumpy

    take it all apart and put it back together after you measure everything and call hinson about this.
  4. 80/100 is a lower profile-less flex, the 120 will hook up better in the straights but the wider 120 will tend to climb out of ruts. sounds like you don't have ruts where you ride.
  5. mxhead

    i need to know what bike to get

    get a 125 2t and have it lowered for your height. I don't know what the problem with the gg was, (was it an enduro?) but it should've been plenty fast
  6. Looking to buy the bikeboot or bikeshoe. Where in the h#%$ can I get them at?
  7. mxhead

    RM 144 feels like it has no "hit"

    check your reeds
  8. mxhead

    new guy here

    ride the bike and change what you do not like.
  9. the 410 will be better in the ruts and turns. The 460 will be better on the straights but will want to climb out of ruts and the 530 even more so.
  10. mxhead

    using glass to check clutch plates

    whats the problem. don't be cheap with the clutch. Replace all the plates and be done with it.
  11. mxhead

    Cant decide, 2010 ktm,hon,yam 450

    I do not have a honda but they are the most high maintenance engine out there! Their valve train is soft and prone to wear. The handling is all off with the new configuration they made. Nix the hon for a few more years.
  12. mxhead

    new ride

    right! get on and ride it how you normally do. The suspension will need a breakin period and so will the engine.
  13. mxhead

    smoking exhaust

    what changed to make the problem? are you the original owner?
  14. mxhead

    RM-Z250 or KX250F...opinions?

    zooks out turn anything out there. and fi bike have more motor feel and response
  15. mxhead

    RM-Z250 or KX250F...opinions?

    you talking to me? where am I confused?