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  1. zipper lane

    Dirt wheel set for SM

    I read an article in Dirt Rider where they built a dirt wheel set for the SM. Does anyone have any info on this. Do you need RM hubs and a regular overesized frt rotor. If anyone has suggestions.
  2. zipper lane

    Chain Derailment Consequences

    hey yamafreek ,are you the guy that rides with the coveralls? I rode with you once in Helemano with the group from Mililani. Im new to Thumpertalk so I want to ride with fast guys ,because im just getting back into riding again . I see some of your pics you guys look like you ride the easy trails in Mililani. I see you got a husky now ,thats the bike I want but Im kinda short and over 230 lb so the 250 is probablly too weak for a short fat guy ,what do you think .
  3. zipper lane

    wr250 clutch slippage

    I have tried Maxima, Bel Ray and Silkolene motorcycles oils. Replaced the srpings every time with the new plates. basket and inner hub are like new. Has anyone tried to drill holes in the basket for more oil flow?
  4. zipper lane

    wr250 clutch slippage

    Anyone have ha problem with clutch slippage on a 05 wr250. i have installed 3 complete clutchs in 1 month. 2 stock 1 EBC and only get 3 rides before it starts to slip. Low end is great it will pull 1st,2nd and 3rd up hill at low rpm no problem, but get on it and the thing just slips. Oil changes every other ride and with new clutch. Ive tried regular mineral, semi and full synthetic oils. Steel plates just come out looking like they were anodized black. I don't abuse the clutch at all, I barely use it. Help!