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    Considering 2006 Suzuki RM-Z250

    dont get a suzuk, if your gonna spend all that money on a new bike i would not go with suzuki! im sure its a great bike (i have and 04 kxf and i love it) but it is already considered "out dated" to most. rmz250 for next year will be a completely different bike. all of the other companies just "updated" there new 250fs. i would go blue if i where to get a new bike, but the suzuki would definately be last on my list.
  2. mxmw54

    waterless coolant

    sounds cool
  3. mxmw54

    Need help again on oil loss?

    that cant be it, my bike didnt have the spring there until i just noticed when i was going through the manual. thats when i found out there was a spring there. i rode probably 150 hours without it. it could be a cracked piston!