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  1. Atlanta250R

    Moving my son from a 150r to a 250r- thoughts?

    Anyone who is a RUSH fan has got to be good to deal with. Let me know if you head to Durhamtown this fall? We've been Jones'n to go.
  2. Atlanta250R

    Moving my son from a 150r to a 250r- thoughts?

    Indy 16 - Hopefully you'll find a seller for the new 250 as cool as the guy you bought his 150 from! : ) I think our son's have been communicating via Facebook and I know your boy is pumped. Good luck!
  3. Atlanta250R

    What is this screw for?

    I love the joy this BC3 gets by keeping his post alive.
  4. Atlanta250R

    Check this wild ride!!!

    Now that thing is cool. I don't care what the rest of you guys say.....you gotta love the idea. That video makes me want to try one out.
  5. Atlanta250R

    Help with fork graphic's

    The exact same thing happened to me. Give it some time and the white junk will evaporate. I poked a few holes in my sticker with a pin and that seemed to help.
  6. Atlanta250R

    small crash...but bent bars

    WOW - it worked. I loosened up the two main bolts and retightened and everything went back into place. Props to Honda (and I'm sure other manuf.) for thinking of that. Not that I see how that works, I'm sure this won't be the last time. Thanks to all for the great input and for saving me a few bucks! Ride on!
  7. Atlanta250R

    Long Story, Bad News For 2006 Honda CRF250R Owners...

    Couple questions....when people type on their computers, do they never look up to see if they are using proper spelling or grammar? Shouldn't folks from the United Kingdom be masters of the English language? Also, if I referred to my dad as a "bonehead" or "not the brightest of characters" he surely wouldn't be buying me a new 2006 motorcycle. From the looks of your verbal abilities, I would rethink the hole "bonehead" thing. Just my $.02 Have a bloody nice day!
  8. Atlanta250R

    small crash...but bent bars

    So if it's the rubber mounts, then simply unbolting and rebolting should fix the problem? Can't hurt, I'll give it a try...
  9. Atlanta250R

    small crash...but bent bars

    Thanks Fred. What is "IIRC"?
  10. Atlanta250R

    small crash...but bent bars

    Man, I had a small dump over yesterday, but it bent on of the two "goose neck chrome clamps" holding the handlebars(know what I mean?) It pushed the right one back slightly, but it makes the handlebars noticeable crooked. I don't know about you guys, but that drives me crazy. Anyone had this happen? Do I try to bend back(don't know how) or do I just replace? I wonder what those bad boys run??? Thanks guys!
  11. Atlanta250R

    Just got me a 250r

    hb2474 - It is not normal to have to put in neutral to start. Gearing has nothing to do with the engine kicking over unless your clutch is worn and/or slipping prohibiting the motor from turning correctly? BTW - congrats on the bike, your going to love it. I too came from a 230f and the difference is unbelievable! Be careful though, it takes some getting used to after riding that smaller thumper!
  12. Atlanta250R

    hard to start

    Most already know this, but worth mentioning if it saves 1 person a lot of aggravation. When my bike is cold, all I do is open the choke, twist the throttle three times and hold for about a second on each twist. Then I kick with no throttle and it starts first kick every time.
  13. Atlanta250R

    Posting Pictures?

    Hey guys, I know this is a stupid question and I promise you I did a search, but how in the world do I post a picture to a thread on this site? Help would be greatly appreciated. Flaming - not appreciated but I will understand based on the dumb question... Thanks and I hope all are having a great day!
  14. Atlanta250R

    Help..CRF250R 2006 Suspension Setting

    I ordered my owners manual off the internet for my 05. Can't remember the exact site, but ended up paying about $18 and it got here quick. Do a google on "Honda CRF 250 Owners Manual". I'd give you stock settings, but I'm pretty sure 06 changed the shocks from the 05?
  15. Atlanta250R

    Is there a chance to paint the transmission?

    Good Gosh ....why don't you two kids(I'm assuming your kids by the way your acting) meet each other on some play ground and wrestle this thing over. Try not to pull each other's hair in the process. And yes, I only have one or two posts - does that make me less than you? I love this site for a great source for helpful information....not for two dorks that got the MLK holiday off from school to bang on each other. Be cool boys!