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  1. JG250F

    Anyone up for Eastern Washington ride?

    Were is Saddle Mt?
  2. JG250F

    Chevy S10

    Besides what you have already heard the oil cooler lines leak, oil cooler adapter leaks, f-hub & bearing assemblys go out, upper & lower ball joints are a problem, pinion seals leak, but the 4.3L is a solid motor.
  3. JG250F

    How do you polish your swingarm?

    stealwool, this way you can leave the swingarm on the bike. only setback is polished swingarm = more maint. This is something you would have to stay up on
  4. JG250F

    moses lake?

    Camping for a week, rather put the paddle on @ go to Oregon coast. Sure the sand will be wet but i'll take those conditions over the best day @ Moses hole. And yes oregon requires flags on all ORV's