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  1. rfweber250x

    RMZ450 Jetting

    Well I can tell u all that the bike run like a bat out of hell with no jetting changes...no back firing up or down and starts on 1st of 2nd kick all the time.... FMF 4.1 Full Tit system w/Magabomb.. twin air filter with out screen.. That setup changed the whole bike bottom to top BIG TIME !!!!!!
  2. rfweber250x


    05 to 07 all the same..factory is $400. and aftermarket is $180 if u can find and get one...AC Racing..they where not making any for a few months and i could not wait that long....this was a few weeks ago.. So i got a factory one and it fit just like it should....... good luck with it..I had to buy a Header also at he same time..not a good day at the track !!!!!
  3. rfweber250x

    Which pipe for a 07 RMZ 450?

    I just put a 4.1 fatory full titauim system on my 07 w/magabomb... it gave that bike so mutch more power accross the board.. IT IS THE S___ !!!!!a little adjustment on mix screw and it was ready to go...
  4. I could use some advice on jetting changes for my bike.. Here's the info: 07 RMZ450 stock motor, Twin airfilter w/out the hard screen, FMF Factory 4.1 full titanium system with megabomb header.. I ride MX tracks in FL. Have adjusted the fuel/air screw in and out to find the best place that it doesn't stumble off idle..(But it still has a good stumbel in it.. going thru the gears it seams to run good, But i have to think i need a jetting change from stock ???????? I have ordered a FMF jetting kit for this week and just looking for someone who has this setup and cound same me alot of time R&Ding..... Thanks for any info.....
  5. rfweber250x

    Stewart to Suzuki Rumors again

    I hope James goes to NASCAR !!!!!!!(HE CAN SELL MORE T-SHIRTS) ..... If he comes to Suzuki then I'm going back to HONDA !!!!!!! and just when i has happy with Dungey's future with Suzuki...
  6. rfweber250x

    ? on exhaust

    That sound like U have played with it alot...... I also run MX and with the stock jetting it runs ok but I have to think I can get more mid and hi out of a larger jet.... What jetting are U running with your setup now.????
  7. rfweber250x

    ? on exhaust

    I have an 07 RMZ450 and just put a FMF 4.1 Factory full titiuam system on it with a magabomb header...this is a great pipe according to someone who races suzuki's and had fmf as there sponcer.....RMZ450 have a top end drop off..this pipe it ment to fix that..JUEST NEED THE CORRECT JETTING !!!! I''m working on that now..... Just put it together last night and now need to do some R&D work.....
  8. rfweber250x

    RMZ450 Jetting

    Ok I need help... I can't find any Jitting specs for my 07 RMZ450 Stock motor, twin air filter, FMF 4.1 Factory full titanium system w/magabomb header.... Does anyone have any info for me..... Thanks p.s I have ordered a fmf jet kit for next week also...
  9. rfweber250x

    2007 RMZ450 Engine gaurd bolts

    Thanks to everone...some good idea's ms450 I also have the RC, Great bike just small problems !!!
  10. rfweber250x

    2007 RMZ450 Engine gaurd bolts

    Ok i have found the first thing wrong with my new bike.... Went to remove the engine gaurds to install my new skid plate and the fram inserts for the bolts to screw into just spin in the fram !!!!!! 3 out of 4 of them...What is the best idea to repair this problem ?????? I'm going to replace the plastic ones with Lightspeed carbon fiber ones But i got to get the factory one off first.... THANKS for any ideas.......
  11. rfweber250x

    Trade 07 CRF 250 to RMZ450

    I think anything after 04 or 05 had a title and Reg..
  12. rfweber250x

    Brand New 2007 450!!

    thanks for that info....good idea
  13. rfweber250x

    best tires for florida mx tracks?

    Ha darrennina...do U ride at lakeland alot >>>>>
  14. rfweber250x

    Brand New 2007 450!!

    Just got a 2007 RMZ450 Ricky Carmichael rep for $5699. Out the door Have been a HONDA man all my life this is going to be a BIG change... from an 2005 CRF250X to the RMZ and thing I should KNOW ?????