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  1. bond_james_bond

    What exactly do flywheel weights do??

    See your other post
  2. bond_james_bond

    Flywheel weights for an old KX125

    Call Chuck Steahly of Steahly Off Road 3850 Pioneer Rd. Medford, OR. 97501 541-535-4896 Toll Free- 800-800-2363 If it can be done,, he'll now how and have the parts.
  3. the trailtech lynx is shipping and has been for a few months now. The vapor, is still in the works
  4. bond_james_bond

    No scratch tire irons?

    in this case, rubber sucks Rim savers work. As said. Warm up the tire,, outside if it's sunney and warm, in the furnance closet if it's cold out, or in a box, in front of a heater. Lots of tire lube, small bites on the bead. Do not try to move too much bead at a time. Chcek the spoons each time for nicks that may scratch the rim (from last use or storage)