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  1. You can get nice looking decals to cover and protect your number plates almost as cheap as the cleaning products that may or not work.
  2. You can get nice Decals to cover and protect your number plates almost as cheap as the cleaning products that may or not work.
  3. I had one just like yours that I rode for years. Sold it for $500 about 12 years ago. Wish I had it back. It was a beast to start after being dumped on a hot day. If I had it back I would install a hot start valve. My right leg is still larger than left.
  4. Glad your on the mend. I've been riding on and off (pun intended) for 45 years. Broken 2 bones. Never been impelled. That's something you just don't think about so much. I have noticed when riding a trail in the opposite direction than usual, there will be lots of limbs pointing your way. Almost like a jousting contest with the trees. But I've been lucky I guess. I did break a collar bone, requiring surgery, in March. My son broke his hand, requiring surgery, in May. My wife isn't all that happy that I wouldn't sell my bikes and take up fishing... I do have a good accident policy, which I would to anyone who rides dirtbikes. "If you get hurt and miss work, it won't hurt to miss work!" Ride on...
  5. I believe you need to get the chain on the cam sprockets before you put the caps on the cams. This allows you to tilt the cams over and the the chain on.
  6. Those look much stronger that the pvc and plastic fittings I used. Did you fab the round aluminium pieces yourself? I'm afraid that my plastic fittings will fail in time.
  7. Yes, it's actually the original vent line that connected to my radiator. It just runs under the engine and drains to the ground.
  8. I have used stainless but with the hours that people get out of the oem that's what I would do. I've got over 300 hrs on a stock 07 wr250f and about half that many on an 08 yz250f. The oem valves have never moved.
  9. I hate to say it but you may have been fed a load of bologna by the P.O. If it is truly new with new valves and seats and just wasn't adjusted correctly the first time you should have many hours of trouble free riding ahead. If the valves are shot you will kmow it in just a few hours. If they get out of spec again I wouldn't try to shim again. You run the risk of the outer ring of the valves breaking off and ruining everything. Good luck!
  10. I can't remember it it is 3/4 or 1 inch.
  11. I made an overflow catch/recovery tank for my bike. I ride a lot of tight stuff and get boil overs. In slow tight sections the tank (hose) will be half full. When the trail opens up and the bike cools it's all back in the radiator.
  12. The thicker gaskets will compress when the head bolts are torqued. After head heat cycles and being oil soaked they will compress more. If you retorque the head bolts you squish the gaskets more, losing the clearance you needed. If you don't, leaking head gasket.
  13. I'm no authority on the subject but raising your cylinder wirh gaskets because your rod is too long sounds like trouble waiting to happen to me.
  14. I would want to find out what got in there and scored the cam journal but I wouldn't be afraid to run it. It would be better than replacing the head again. Make sure you use a quality torque wench when tightening the cam caps.
  15. It seems that the 04 piston has a taller profile. Did you compare it to the old piston?