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  1. DarrellH3

    Advice on WR250F PLEASE!

    Way too high. Like indy rider said, as soon as you scratch it it's just another 2008 wr250f. Maybe 3k if it's really what tpu want and plan on keeping it long term. I've had an 07 for years and have loved it. Great bikes.
  2. DarrellH3

    Calming the YZ250FX (throttle tamer, etc.)

    I also had the off idle jerk on my 2015 fx. I first tried the g2 throttle tamer. Not much of a difference. After getting a tuner and loading the dirt bike test map the jerk was gone. Smooth off idle almost like me old wr250f.
  3. DarrellH3

    2015 WR250F Cooling Fan

    No need to replace from what I can see. Those radiators are very tough. Just bend it back straight. If you cant straighten it on the bike, take it off and with a couple pieces of wood, a hammer, and a little patience you can get it close to perfect I bet. I have straightened much worse.
  4. DarrellH3

    Can’t find rads

    Look at this on eBay https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F153088972642
  5. DarrellH3

    Coolant Loss Question

    I lose coolant every ride on my fx. Mine comes out the overflow. Is your oil milky?
  6. DarrellH3

    All 3 Intake valves have zero clearance! Help!

    It's had to tell anything from that picture. But I don't think a bad cam journal wouldn't cause there to be zero clearance.
  7. DarrellH3

    All 3 Intake valves have zero clearance! Help!

    I would have to assume that wear over time caused the valves to zero out. You might be able to get them back in speck by replacing the valve shims. If they have worn to the point that there is zero clearance it's likely the valves will need to be replaced and seats recut or replaced.
  8. DarrellH3

    Discolored Plastics

    You can get nice looking decals to cover and protect your number plates almost as cheap as the cleaning products that may or not work.
  9. DarrellH3

    Discolored Plastics

    You can get nice Decals to cover and protect your number plates almost as cheap as the cleaning products that may or not work.
  10. DarrellH3

    1985 Xr350r

    I had one just like yours that I rode for years. Sold it for $500 about 12 years ago. Wish I had it back. It was a beast to start after being dumped on a hot day. If I had it back I would install a hot start valve. My right leg is still larger than left.
  11. DarrellH3

    Second chances. (Graphic warning)

    Glad your on the mend. I've been riding on and off (pun intended) for 45 years. Broken 2 bones. Never been impelled. That's something you just don't think about so much. I have noticed when riding a trail in the opposite direction than usual, there will be lots of limbs pointing your way. Almost like a jousting contest with the trees. But I've been lucky I guess. I did break a collar bone, requiring surgery, in March. My son broke his hand, requiring surgery, in May. My wife isn't all that happy that I wouldn't sell my bikes and take up fishing... I do have a good accident policy, which I would to anyone who rides dirtbikes. "If you get hurt and miss work, it won't hurt to miss work!" Ride on...
  12. I believe you need to get the chain on the cam sprockets before you put the caps on the cams. This allows you to tilt the cams over and the the chain on.
  13. DarrellH3

    Coolant overflow tank

    Those look much stronger that the pvc and plastic fittings I used. Did you fab the round aluminium pieces yourself? I'm afraid that my plastic fittings will fail in time.
  14. DarrellH3

    Coolant overflow tank

    Yes, it's actually the original vent line that connected to my radiator. It just runs under the engine and drains to the ground.
  15. I have used stainless but with the hours that people get out of the oem that's what I would do. I've got over 300 hrs on a stock 07 wr250f and about half that many on an 08 yz250f. The oem valves have never moved.