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  1. If more than 1 bike shows up, a race is soon to break out! It's just human nature I guess.
  2. I prefer the triple tree mounts. It clears some clutter from your bars and I believe it makes the bars stronger.
  3. If the rubber gasket is still in decent condition you don't need any adhesive. You might want to use a little silicone on the little plastic half circle cam plugs. I have had my valve cover off several times and used nothing when putting it back together with no problems.
  4. I'd give $3800 for that bike. Bet you can get it for even less. Great looking bike. I just got a '15 fx or $3300 that still had the original tires, chain, and sprockets. It wasn't nearly as clean as this one but I thought I got a great deal. Get it, you can't go wrong. I love the old school yellow!
  5. Sounds like you are ready to ride!
  6. If a 10 year old bike was as fast as a new bike it wouldn't say much for the technology and engineering advancements. Every year all manufacturers boast of the advancements over last year's model. If your '07 was as fast as your brothers '17, ktm wouldn't be selling many bikes and there would be a team of engineers out of a job. That being said, my son has an '08 yz250f with an Athena 290 big bore kit and it will scream. It feels like it pulls as hard as my 2015 yz250fx (tested by butt dyno only). Dropping 15 lbs would be your least expensive option!
  7. What is the largest that will slide under the exhaust cam?
  8. 2015 yz250fx. In an effort to tame the off idle snap in tight trails or slippery conditions I just installed the highly recommended G2 throttle tamer. Can anyone help me with how I can better get the slack out of the throttle cable? I have to turn the inline adjuster almost all the way out to get it where I want it. Is there another adjustment that I'm missing? I took the cover off where the cables attach to the throttle body and there was no way to adjust anything on that end. I had the same problem before I installed the G2 so that isn't the problem. Maybe I'm just being too picky but I would feel better if the adjuster wasn't run all the way out. I have maybe 2 or 3 turns of thread left in the inline adjuster. Ride On! Darrell
  9. I don't know about his sponsorship but you can run Rekluse without having an auto clutch. Rekluse sells manual clutch systems as well. Most of the top level guys that I have seen interviews with perfer full manual clutch control.
  10. Don't cut unless there are no options. Logs in the trail make for fun hoppers or go around. It keeps the trails interesting and always changing.
  11. I have had to cut the strap that wraps around the bars on both my bikes that I installed cycra probend on. I really like the triple mount better that the bar mount. I feel it's is stronger and it clears some of the clutter from your bars.
  12. You should be able to clean them up with no problems.
  13. I went with the endure engineering skid plate. I like it but seems it will have to be removed for oil changes.
  14. I don't think you could go wrong at that price. Even if you have to go through the top end.