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  1. DarrellH3

    2006 YZ250F FMF Powerbomb came with a dent???

    I have an older fmf on my sons '08 yz250f. It doesn't have the dent but it probably should. There is almost no clearance between the pipe and the frame.
  2. DarrellH3

    2006 YZ250F FMF Powerbomb came with a dent???

    I'd call RM. My son has an FMF pipe similar to yours without the dent. It is an older pipe and they may have changed them but I'd want to talk to RM and maybe even FMF.
  3. DarrellH3

    good website

    I would love to support my local shops but they ever have anything in stock, want me to pay up front, charge more than 50% more than I can buy online, take longer than online shipping to get it in, they lack knowledge, and are rude for the most part.
  4. DarrellH3


    The gaskets should fill and seal any imperfections on the aluminum if they aren't too deep. You might do more harm than good trying to smooth them out.
  5. Its is very true that full wraps protect your bars and levers much better. I moved my clutch lever in a little bit. It was short to begin with and I run a rekluse so I dont use it that much. I also moved the front break lever in a bit and have a protaper breakaway lever. So far, so good.
  6. A few photos of my Cycra Rebounds.
  7. I have mine set just to the end of my bars.
  8. DarrellH3

    How often to tighten chain?

    I normally buy two front sprockets when I get a chain and sprocket set. The front will start showing signs of wear long before the rear. Changing out the front is quick, easy, and cheap. I feel like it makes my chain and rear sprocket last longer.
  9. After running Cycra Probend full wrap arounds for years I am now a big fan of the Cycra Rebound hand guards. They are flag style but take a pretty hard lick from a tree before bending toward the hand. After my son broke his hand on his full wraps and had to have surgery I started looking at alternatives. 1 year and no issues.
  10. DarrellH3

    2006 yz250f kickstarter

  11. DarrellH3

    2006 yz250f kickstarter

    I bought a cheap knockoff on Ebay brand new for about $50. Works great. Caltric brand I believe.
  12. DarrellH3

    2017 YZ250F blackish smoke on cold start rev

    The fuel infected Yamaha's run rich while warming up. Nothing to worry about. It's just gas smoke.
  13. DarrellH3

    Post-maintenance OCD

    People who care about doing things right, worry and second guess themselves. It's not a bad thing.
  14. DarrellH3

    Advice on WR250F PLEASE!

    Way too high. Like indy rider said, as soon as you scratch it it's just another 2008 wr250f. Maybe 3k if it's really what tpu want and plan on keeping it long term. I've had an 07 for years and have loved it. Great bikes.