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  1. supermoto200

    Cam cover question? crf450

    My 06' also looks like this, not sure what the deal is but i posted a pic a while back of it on here and people said it was normal. I've had no problems
  2. supermoto200

    ktm 380 fork service

    I am changing the oil and replacing the fork seals in my ktm 380. Can someone tell me what size driver i need for installing the seals (what size is the lower fork leg). And how much oil do i need to add?
  3. supermoto200

    yz 400f fuel leak

    I have a yz 400f and its leaking fuel from all around the bowl and possibly the AP. The bike sat for a little, and i believe the gasket for the bowl is bad. Is there a gasket kit i can by or a carb rebuild kit? any links would be helpful. Also what seals the AP its metal on metal? does gas go inside there? thanks
  4. supermoto200

    kx 125 fork oil

    I need to know what weight fork oil i should use for my 2005 kx 125? And does anybody know what the level should be at? thanks
  5. supermoto200

    kx 125 and jetting

    I have a 2005 kx 125, i went on pro circuits website for jetting specs and know that its 420 main, 40 pilot and needle in 3rd slot. The bike has stock jetting right now but i want to jet it so it runs better. pro circuit says a 400 main, 35 pilot, and 2nd slot for needle... but it has the stock pipe on it, with a fmf Q silencer would those jetting specs work? Also what should i be mixing the gas at? Thanks
  6. supermoto200

    klx 110 cutting out

    I have a 2006 klx 110, i has a TB 143 kit on it and the bike has ran fine with it. Im not sure if the electrical has been upgraded on the bike or not as i bought the bike all suped up... My problem is that at a certain throttle postition ( around half throttle) the bike just cuts out and wants to die, only when under a load though. If you dry rev the bike this doesnt happen. If you open it up past half throttle like wide open it stops cutting out and runs fine. its only at that RPM or somethin. It sounds like electrical to me. I cleaned out the carb and everything looked fine and i put a new plug in it also. what could this be?
  7. supermoto200

    klx 110 manual clutch

    yeah i have the trail bikes clutch on my xr 70, i would get it again for my brothers 110 also but i just want to make sure it will work with the other mods. thanks for your input
  8. supermoto200

    klx 110 manual clutch

    I have a 2006 klx 110 and i would like to put a manual clutch on it. I would like to know what brands you guys recomend. My little brother races this in pit bike races and the bike has a 143 kit along with heavy duty clutch springs and a four speed drum. Im not sure if that would make any difference as to what will work or not work properly with those up grades
  9. supermoto200

    Pics of Your 450....

    Heres my 06
  10. supermoto200

    exhaust leak

    oh ok thanks haha just looked at the stock pipe and there the clamp is
  11. supermoto200

    exhaust leak

    2006 450r i started it up today with shorts on and felt air on my leg when i reved the bike. I bought the bike with a two brothers slip on, i havnt taken anything off but shouldnt there be a clamp or something where the two pipes meet? heres a picture to see what im talking about
  12. supermoto200

    Inside the valve cover looks weird to me

    its so weird opening up your motor and seeing that anyone else to confirm that this is normal? ive only changed the oil once since ive had the bike and i havnt seen anything in the filters
  13. supermoto200

    Inside the valve cover looks weird to me

    hmmm ok yeah i just bought the bike it has low hours on it but i dont know what the guy ran in it before but im running honda gn4 in it now
  14. This is the first time i have checked the valves on my 06' 450r, the valves are good and in spec but it seems like the finish on the inside of the valve cover and on top of the springs is coming off??? what do you guys think this looks strange to me but maybe and hopefully normal. In the right corner of the cover is what im looking at And on top of the spring
  15. supermoto200

    front brake trouble

    i ment to say i tried another master cylinder on the top but it did the same thing and i out ruled the brake line as well so it has to do with the caliper for sure