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  1. SF701

    2012 or 2013 CRF450R?

    I am currently riding an '08 CRF450R and completely happy with everything about the bike, but thinking of moving to a '12 or '13 CRF450R. I know these are two different bikes and would appreciate some input. I will say, I'm not a fan of the dual silencers and air forks on the '13. I'm a vet rider and only ride MX. Thanks for any info.
  2. Does it matter if the sag is set before you turn some laps or after when the shock is hot? Thanks.
  3. I ordered some Tag Rebound grips from my local bike shop and they seem to think they have been discontinued. They can get the Tag Rebound LO PRO style, but the thicker grips have really helped with armpump. Does anyone have information about this? Thanks
  4. SF701

    Tapered Vs. Regular grips?

    I have been using the Tag Rebound grips and not the LO PRO style. They are a little thicker than standard grips and took me a couple of rides to get used to. Now I love 'em and they have really helped with armpump. Best grips on the market, by far.
  5. SF701

    Which handlebar bend, and why?

    I use Pro Taper Factory Suzuki bend. 92mm height/47mm sweep. I think a straighter bar (Less sweep) works best when you hold your elbows up in the correct ridding position.
  6. I've always liked the HRC logo and glad they're using for MX again. It' simple, but has a very cool look. Now, if they would just a red rear fender on the thing!
  7. SF701

    2010 yz450 on the east coast

    rider211, I do ride at Center Road and Thunder Valley. Lately, we've been going to Wide Open in Reaford, NC a lot. It's really fast with some big safe jumps and always in great condition. I'm looking forward to Center Road again too. I haven't ridden there since summer. I'm actually on Jay's old CRF450.
  8. SF701

    2010 yz450 on the east coast

    I went with my friend yesterday to pick up his 2010 YZ450. It's a white one and looks awsome in person. This was in NC.
  9. I saw one yesterday while my friend was picking up his 2010. This was at Yamaha of Lumberton. They had a white one and a blue one, brand new. I'm not sure, but I believe they were under $5000. Lumberton is in the lower part of NC and Jr. Bryant is the owner.
  10. Does anyone know the differences between the Alpinestars Bionic neck brace and the Bionic neck support other than price? They look the same other than color. Thanks.
  11. SF701

    Thundercross helmet cam

    Thanks for the video. I was down from NC last Thanksgiving and brought my bike. I hooked up with some guys from Champions Honda/Kawasaki in Cocoa and rode there. It was a fun day for sure.
  12. SF701

    Broken femur, knee pain

    When I broke my femur, the doc went through my knee to insert the rod instead of my hip. I have found that through the knee is not the right option. So, yes my knee did hurt quite a bit. Not enough for pain meds at 4-5 weeks out. Also, all the rehab to get the range of motion back was tough and kept it sore. Elavating and icing helped a lot. Good luck.
  13. Gavin, I had a situation almost identical to yours. In April of '06, I broke my femur about 8 inches up from my knee. They put a rod in through my knee with 2 screws at my knee and 1 screw a my hip. Sept. of '06 still not healed, so they took the 2 screws at my knee out. Still was not healing, but the end of the rod started scraping the under side of my kneecap. Then, Feb. of '07 they took the first rod and remaining screw out and put a bigger (thicker-10mm to 13mm) rod in with 1 screw at my knee and 2 screws at my hip. My femur healed up great, but the damage my knee sustained from the rod scraping got worse. I finally had to have my knee worked on in July of '08. My knee will never be 100%, but with rehab, weight training and mountain biking, it's a lot better. Check into the bigger rod or go see Dr. Mark. Back then, I sent him x-rays and he figured out in one night what my doctor couldn't after 10 months. Good luck.
  14. SF701

    2009 vs. 2008 ?

    I have not ridden an '09, but just got on an '08 CRF450R about 5 months ago. I switched from an '06 YZ450F. I can't see how a bike can be much better than the '08 Honda. No matter what situation you're in, this bike helps you through it. Very rider friendly and predictable. As for the '09, I've heard both sides. Also, a guy I ride with works at a Honda dealership and told me he's had several people call trying to get an '08 while they had a couple of '09s on the floor. Either way, I think you'll be very happy.
  15. SF701

    EVO vs Contour

    I've searched TT forums and can't find this info, so I thought I'd start here since I ride a '08 CRF450R. I currently have the Pro Taper Contours, but was thinking of switching to the EVO's. Are the EVO's really better than the Contours and worth the switch? By the way, I'm 6' and 230lbs. and only ride MX. Thanks and I apologize if this post is in the wrong place.