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  1. tennisman

    Moving to Meridian, MS

    Rode the Meridian OHV trails on Thursday; awesome place with good atv and bike trails. Lots of challenging single-track and wide-open dirt pits as well. Lance
  2. Hey, going to Laurel MS next week; anyone ridden Little Tiger and/or Bethel Trail systems? I have a plated WR250 and am looking for some good day rides. Thanx, Lance
  3. tennisman

    D/S ride in N GA

    Go and visit the DOG's site: http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=194015 Lance
  4. tennisman

    2009 450-class dual-sports?

    True, but competition is a good thing, too. I happen to like the Kaw/Yam bikes and cannot understand why they don't make 'em plate-able. Seems like a simple request, huh? Lance
  5. tennisman

    2009 450-class dual-sports?

    Any more scoops? Lance
  6. Hey, anyone got any scoop on the Big Four 450-class street-legal bikes for '09? Or is it still just KTM and Husky? Lance
  7. tennisman

    WR250R vs KLX250S

    Wrong WR, bro... He's talking about the new street-legal heavy slow one (WR250R) Lance
  8. Ok lads, looking at a used '05 CRF 250X w/ 150 miles on it for $3,500 (no tax). It is as close to new as you can get. Also can get a leftover brand new '07 for $4,983 plus tax. Any opinions on which bike to get? I figure the new one will cost about $5200 OTD, so diff is $1,700. Thoughts? Thanx, Lance
  9. tennisman

    New '06 for $4,000?

    Plain Jane. Lance
  10. tennisman

    New '06 for $4,000?

    Hi, found a new '06 RM-Z250 for $4K; going to be trail riding mostly. Is that a decent price for the bike? Other than handguards and skid plate, what else to add/change on bike? Thanx, Lance
  11. tennisman

    Plated WR250F

    Hey guys, anyone know of a plated/titled late-model WR 250F for sale near Georgia (if possible)? Lemme know if you stumble across one... Thanx, Lance
  12. Need plate; thought I could plate a WR250 in another state and transfer title to GA, but that looks dubious. So looks like Husky or KTM. Lance
  13. I know this is a long shot, but I'm looking at these three bikes; anyone ridden the WR250 and/or the other two? Impressions and comparisons? Thanx, Lance
  14. Looking to get an '07 or '08 WR; really like 250 size/weight/flickability, but wanna make sure 250 has enough beans to pick up front wheel easily in 1st or 2nd gear. Rode a buddy's 450 and had huge power, perhaps too much for my riding style (old guy, 210 pounds, average skills). Looking for decent power from 250 for fun off-road stuff (logs, water crossings, etc.). Opinions? Thanx, Lance