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  1. when i made the switch it was hard to get use to, but now i would never go back, the one main problem i found is that everytime i jump the bike the front end came right up, becuase i was use to hiting the gas real hard on the face of the jump, but with the four stroke u have to have a smooth throtle all the way thorugh the jump
  2. i usally lift weight all week but on friday i relax, saturday i practis maybe 20 laps but not fast and i try not to wear my self out, then sunday im ready for the race and usally not worn out, ive practised once on saturday and rode really hard, and it showed on race day i was tired and sore!
  3. hahaha i seen that earlier, i didnt see the pic at first but i seen its like 10 dollars! lol
  4. these are mine, on my track in my backyard...
  5. cool thanks that helps out alot, i wonder why i didnt have any in there when i took it apart
  6. come on someone knows if there o rings on the sprocket shaft?
  7. u need a new back tire badly!, but it is a real nice bike, usually u have a yamaha after 2 weeks it look 2 years old...
  8. yea i do race, i just won the AMA eastern carolina winter series, i will try to come up there some time, cuz i might need some work to my bike soon before next season. do u race?? if so will u be racing the next season in NC?
  9. and thanks for all the compliments guys!!
  10. um i raced this last AMA season in d class cuz it was my first season of racing, i am moving to c class for the next season which starts april 30th at Wide Open! u should come out
  11. i would never go back to a 2 stroke! but u can buy an 06' kx125 in Canada i think
  12. i seen a thread on here about someones timing plug falling out and the motor locked up cuz the was no oil left, after i seen that i went out and tightned them and they were real loose to! make sure u check urs!
  13. thanks guys!!
  14. i cant find it
  15. i went to leajune honda and kawasaki, in Jacksonville NC were r you from?