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  1. Wow. The guy at the parts guy at Northland Motorsports in Flagstaff suggested that I go with a 38 instead of the stock 40. He said this was the next step DOWN in size. Fail. Well sweet, I guess I need to get get some leak jets!
  2. When I got my JD kit, I installed the big O-ring, and set the timing back to stock with the shim from the QS2 kit; I belive at 0.100". I previously had done the "BedBeard AP mod". I should start turning the screw in(CW), at 1/8th increments? I'll go snag a 50 leak jet today after finals... Oh yeah. I'm working with a fully warmed bike when i'm testing my jetting tweaks. I'll go moesy around the block for 10-15mins before I start womping on it. my PC temp stickers are lit up by then too.
  3. What I've got: 2006 CRF 250R with QS2 Ap mod, and JD jetting kit, immacualte air filter, chevron 91octane gas. Where i'm riding: Flagstaff, AZ 7000ft asl. 70 degrees. 10% max humidity. My jetting: PS: 2 T.O. Slow : Stock (40) needle: JD red @ 3rd clip Main: 168 from book If I blip (closed to max of 1/4 throttle) the throttle open it responds fine, but unless ive got a ton of revs built up it will bog horribly whenever I go for a whole handful of throttle. AKA i can't be aggresive with my throttle; I have to ease it on. What should i be looking at jet wiss, i'm pulling black plugs, so i know i'm on the rich side of things.
  4. Yes, they are the valved I pulled out. What's odd is that the deposit is on both valves, but the valve on the right was at 0.005(exact spec) when I replaced it. I got about 60 hours out of them so I'm happy with that!
  5. So I just did my intake valves. The one on the left zeroed; so I just tossed in new stockers and had the local stealer cut the seats. Everything went back together exactly in spec. That's right every was, and still is spot on for its respective tolerances. Anywho; I wanted to know what you guys thought caused the deposits on my intake valves. I thoroughly inspected my carb and air box to see if I over oiled the filter on accident, but everything was super clean and shiny. No gumming or oil deposit anywhere. I run shell or chevron 91 or greater religiously, so I know I’m not using cheap gas… Let me know what you think!
  6. LuminoZ

    YES ! Totaly new CRF450 for 2009 !

    I'm sure as hell going to buy one. Why wouldn't you want your bike to run as best as possible no matter where you are or what the atmospherics are!? HONDA FTW!
  7. So I'm about to dig in to intalling the QS2 on my bike. I figure the while i have the thing so stripped, I might as well replace what I can oring wise. My question is, so i need to do this on a 1 year old carb? I can't imagine the orings going bad so quick. Also, what is everyone's favorite flavor of fireproof air filter?
  8. LuminoZ

    Top end rebuild pics 83.1hrs 07 CRF250R

    Can you post pics of where the dirt snuck into the FCR? Definitly don't want this to happen to me.
  9. LuminoZ

    Crf250r Sprocket Question, Need answer asap

    I belive that 1 tooth on the front is the equivalent of 4 on the back. FYI
  10. Whatever happened to dealers preforming comprehensive checks on bikes before they get sold!? I know that the dealer I buy all my bikes from (Davis Service Center, Montrose CO) Checks everything that can be tested for a spec. before you take the bike out. I've got quite a few hours on my bike and everything is still cherry.
  11. LuminoZ

    Single or Duals?

    You don't... lol go buy some aftermarkets when you clap out the stockers. I would expect that backpressure is a function of volume in which case the setup that is most restrictive to airflow, (I.E. the setup with larger can volume.) would be more conducive to restricting airflow. I think Honda racing is runing PC Ti-4 systems on all of thier bikes presently... er at least that is what the 1x fellas had on for the 1000. I know that comes in dual can flavor, so I have to bet it's good stuff too.
  12. LuminoZ

    Duning a 250

    I belive there is a famous statment that goes: "most 450 riders spend all of their time below the total power output of a 250" ... if you blow it, just build it back up better.
  13. LuminoZ

    I need Helicoil Info, Lower sub frame bolt

    Just re tap the hole. You'll get better results this way. You can buy individual taps at places like home depot.
  14. LuminoZ

    About to change my radiator hoses

    go for some CV4 or works connection Silicone hoses. They look trick and hold up great.